🎵NAME THAT TUNE🎶 by Girls w/Game @ Bourbon Creek, Cedar Rapids(*)


NAME THAT TUNE Trivia starts at 7:00. This music trivia has 5 rounds, 10 questions per round. Category examples: Ladies of the 90's, Presidential candidate theme songs, music of the decades, finish the lyric, songs with the word _______ in it, hair bands, 80's, country, etc.

In the heart of Cedar Rapids is a cool little Irish Pub named 'Dublin City Pub' that serves amazing Irish fair at truly affordable prices. This is a great place to come hang out, drink a beer, feast on delicious grub, & enjoy the music while playing 'Name That Tune' trivia! They have specials and a Groupon, too!

NOTE: Trivia starts at 7pm, we usually start arriving around 6pm (if not earlier) to secure our spot - you are welcome, even encouraged to join us for some pre-trivia socializing! Guys and Gals, its time to brush up on your music trivia!! Name That Tune by Girls with Game, will test your music knowledge while you enjoy an alcoholic or non- alcoholic drink with friends new and old! Did we mention? - THE WINNING TEAM OF EACH ROUND WINS A PITCHER OF BEER, APPETIZERS OR DESSERT! - - - - - - - - - -

*Active Awesome Professionals will retain any trivia winnings (usually gift cards) and hold onto them until which time we have accumulated $250 in winnings. Once this occurs we will host a 'surprise' celebration in which at a random upcoming event we will treat all event attendees with food and drink!