Azure SQL Database Managed Instance


TOPIC: Azure SQL Database Managed Instance – The Better Alternative to Azure SQL Database or SQL Server in a VM?

With Azure SQL Database Managed Instance Microsoft brings a new offer for the Data Platform, which can be regarded as hybrid between PaaS and IaaS.

In this session, we'll look at how this new database provisioning option compares to Azure SQL Database and SQL Server in a VM to answer the questions: What are the benefits, what may be missing for one or the other, and for which scenarios does the Managed Instance make the most sense?


SPEAKER: Andreas Wolter

The speaker, Andreas Wolter, founder of Sarpedon Quality Lab, has specialized in SQL Server for over 17 years. He is one of only 7 Microsoft Certified Solutions Masters for the "Data Platform" (MCSM) worldwide. His focus is on high-performance OLTP systems and large data warehouse architectures. You can also find him online at Twitter: AndreasWolter and



On a happier note, Microsoft would be sponsoring food for this meetup, so we need RSVP.



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