Plugging into Unity: Lightning Talks - Favorite Unity Plug-Ins

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PLEASE NOTE: Due to a scheduling conflict, we will be meeting on Tuesday the 29th from 6-9!

What is your favorite Unity plugin? Probuilder? Gaia? Amplify Shaders? That one super-helpful script you found on github? Come tell us about it! For our January meetup, we'll be doing "pitch your favorite plugin" lightning talks. Show off your favorite plugin, tell us why it's awesome, and discover other great plugins!

- "Does it have to be a plugin I made?" Absolutely not! Come show something you've found useful or just super cool.
- "Do I have to be an expert on how it works and what all the settings do?" Nope. If you think it's cool, chances are a lot of other people will as well!
- "Do I need to have slides and do a live demo?" Only if you want to. You can show screenshots, videos, text, or pontificate loudly in front of a blank screen.
- "Does it need to be something nobody's heard of yet?" Nope. Sure, I've heard of Probuilder, but I have no idea how it works or why it's awesome. Come tell me why that plugin everyone's talking about is as great as people say it is!
- "Does it have to be some huge elaborate thing that will completely change people's lives?" Nope. If there's that one tiny script you found that solves a very specific problem you're passionate about, come show us!

Interested in presenting? Awesome! Tell us about it:

We’ll be meeting on TUESDAY, January 29th from 6PM to 9PM at the CIC Cambridge Venture Cafe (on the 5th floor), 1 Broadway, Cambridge.

By attending or participating in BUG events, you agree to abide by our safe-space policy ( If you feel you are unable to, please do not attend.

Thanks to our sponsors! Unity and The CIC Cambridge are generously sponsoring our meetup this month.


See you there!
- Graham & Elliott