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Check out our new name and website www.bconnectedcolorado.com.

This group is for any and all Bisexuals (as well as pansexuals--we just decided to go with a more familiar label for the group) in the Boulder, Longmont, and Denver area who want to meet other monogamous or ethically non-monogamous bisexuals to socialize and have COMMUNITY with. I capitalize community, because that's our number one goal. Yes, it's also great to maybe meet a babe (non-binary term for anyone who wants to make out with you) but please come with the intent of building a social space for Bisexuals.

All genders are welcome. I host two events a month (give or take). A night out in Denver at C Squared Ciders the first Wednesday of every month; as well as a potluck brunch out of my home in Longmont that is open to anyone in the LGBTQ community (Queers & Quiche). Timmy is more freestyle, and plays it by ear with meet ups at coffee shops, craft nights in Denver, or First Fridays at Tracks.

My passion is finding and building Bi community. I've often felt, and have heard a lot of you say, that we're culturally homeless as Bisexuals or invisible because some of us are coupled and don't look so gay--which can make us feel like we're not "legit" enough to fully belong in the gay community.

Bisexuals are extremely under represented, but there's actually quite a few of us! So come hang out :)

And if you're an L, G, T, Q, A, or I...you're absolutely welcome to come hang out with us!


Three and Timmy (co-organizer)

Upcoming events (5+)

Queers & Quiche Potluck Brunch!

My House!

• What we'll do This potluck brunch meetup is always a good ol' time. Anyone under the rainbow is welcome. We hang out at my place, eat, play games, and get to know other LGBTQ's in the Denver/Boulder area. Please bring: something brunchy to share in your own dish or container. Q's&Q's is getting big--which is awesome....AND it's very helpful and cuts down on the clean up to bring your food ready to serve in your own dish or vessel of some type (we're pretty casual here). Kindly pack it in and pack it out. I often can't handle a lot of leftovers and don't want the food to go to waste. All genders are warmly welcomed. We meet on the main level of my house but there are four steps leading up to the front door. Can't wait to see everyone again! Cheers, Three • What to bring GRUB or something to drink :) ALSO--if you like games, feel free to bring one to play (we usually have a game table going). If you're not a cook don't panic--we can always use ice, compostable paper plates and plasticware, napkins, we al seem to love white wine, or even a bundle of wood (sometimes we get a campfire going in the back). • Important to know Pack it in pack it out ;)

Queer Climb Night

Movement Climbing + Fitness RiNo

The LGBTQ community is invited to a special night of rock climbing and socializing at Movement Climbing + Fitness, RiNo, so let's go check it out together. Climbing coaches will be on the floor to help all levels of climbers with techniques and route beta. After climbing, we'll go enjoy a complimentary drink and some socializing next door at Improper City. Cost: Members: Free First-time in: $10 Returning Guest Pass: $20 Student, Senior, Military, First Responder: $16 Shoe rental: $6 For more information see the following event on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/224861368393195/

Meet and Greet The First Wed of Every Month

C Squared Ciders

• What we'll do C Squared is a fun spot with cider, drinks, food, and plenty of space for us to meet upstairs. It's wheelchair accessible as well. This meetup is a chance to relax after work and meet other bisexuals/pansexuals or anyone under the rainbow in the area. All genders are warmly welcomed. There's a wide range of relationship styles represented. Married, poly, monogamous, single, solo-poly...we're a diverse bunch so don't be shy. Allies are welcome if they are with you :) • What to bring • Important to know We're all upstairs! Please remember to tip the servers who work hard every month to take care of us :)

Denver Queer ARTist coffee & conversation

Coffee at The Point

This month I'd like to try something new....let's create together! I'll bring a box of art supplies, glue, and pin backs so we can make creative, reusable name/pronoun tags. Feel free to bring some art supplies to use or share with the group. See you all soon! • What we'll do A few of us were recently inspired to find other queer artists in the area and get together to talk about art, inspire, critique, and support each other in our creative endeavors. If you'd like some helpful feedback, bring a sample of your current project, photos, portfolio, website, or creative ideas. All types of creativity are welcome including (but not limited to) visual, spoken, music, written works, etc. All skill levels are welcome from beginner to advanced. There is no need to be an established artist to attend this group. I'd also love to put together a queer art group show at some point in a local gallery so we can discuss ideas and contacts for that as well. ***It is ok to arrive late to this event. Feel free to join us and jump into the conversation anytime after 5pm. I know many of you have day jobs and there is always traffic at that time of day. We will most likely be chatting until 9pm or later. Accessibility: Coffee at the Point is located conveniently near many public transit stops. The establishment is located on ground level and ADA compliant. There are 2 dedicated handicap spots in the parking garage and wheelchair accessibility from parking to the coffeeshop's front door. Parking: free covered parking attached to the building in the garage accessible from Washington near 26th. There are about 30 parking spots dedicated to the coffee shop. Bathrooms: The establishment has two single stall gender marked bathrooms. They do not enforce this and often people use whichever bathroom is open regardless of what gender the sign says. This is a monthly event that occurs ever 3rd Thursday at the same location. Join Facebook group for ongoing conversation and connection! https://www.facebook.com/groups/1588106231283619/ • What to bring Yourself and bring a sample of your work if you'd like some helpful feedback or feel stuck and are needing inspiration. • Important to know This event is also posted on Facebook in several queer groups, so there will be more people attending than are reflected on this event page. This event occurs every 3rd Thursday at Coffee at the Point.

Past events (205)

Denver Queer ARTist coffee & conversation

Coffee at The Point

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