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Zoom International Singles Event

Needs a location

Buy tickets at:https://zoom-international-singles-event.eventbrite.com/?aff=Keith Looking to connect and meet singles across the globe? We introduce a new way of enjoying singles events through the highly advanced Zoom App and break international barriers. Join us, meet, mingle one on one and make connections from the comforts of your home. The world maybe at a stand still for the moment, but that doesn’t mean we have to stop living life to the fullest. Dress up, get ready and let’s have a great time as we meet new people. Due to the nature of the event the zoom links with a password to the meeting will only be shared/ emailed once tickets are purchased. Join us on this great adventure, connect and find happiness through these times. Event promo- https://youtu.be/MQNvTu5Qfww Age group: mid 20s to late 40s This event is happening on 2st July and 9th July. For Bangkok Dates: 2nd July & 9th July Time : 8am & 10am Buy tickets at:https://zoom-international-singles-event.eventbrite.com/?aff=Keith

Conquer Your Fear of Public Speaking

Spaces - Bangkok, Spaces Empire Tower

THB 700.00

You are not alone. ***** This event has been postponed due to the Covid19 situation and a new date has been set for Thursday 9th July. The Early Bird offer 30% has been reinstated until 15th June so don't miss out! Book your spot now!****** Glossophobia or more commonly known as the fear of public speaking is said to affect up to 75% of the population. We all have something to say and knowledge to share. Everyone without exception. To a lot of people I encounter though the fear of standing up in front of strangers or even colleagues or superiors in the workplace is extremely prevalent and it hinders the most important part - sharing that knowledge with others. I've been public speaking through seminars, conferences and speeches for nearly a decade and have realised that eradicating fear is impossible. It will simply never happen. That being said I have also learned that it is how we view our fear and how we choose to use it that makes the difference. Through a look into the psychology of maladaptive and irrational thoughts, schemas, cognitive distortions and exploring a process of cognitive restructuring together this workshops aims to shine a much different light on your fear of public speaking through a shift in perspective and the utilisation of a process that can also be used for any other fear or undesirable emotion you may be experiencing. When you explore fear, put it through a juicer like you would with an orange it can be remarkable what comes out. My goal is to help us all spend time getting to know and understand our fear of public speaking personally rather than trying to "destroy" it. Join me for this workshop to get together and spend some time entertaining and enjoying the friend who is with us all in one way or another all the time - fear. Registration via Eventbrite link (debit/credit card & paypal) or local transfer to Bangkok Bank & SCB bank available: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/conquer-your-fear-of-public-speaking-tickets-95549811057?aff=ebdssbeac Early Bird investment (30%) available until 15th June 2020 @ 700 THB Investment after 15th June 2020 @ 1,000 THB For more details about Ben and LLC Global visit our website at : www.llcglobalcreateyouforyou.com

ONLINE: Worldwide Happy Hour! International ONLINE Event!

Online event

Hi Everyone, How are you holding up with quarantine, “stay at home” etc? If you're starting to go ‘stir crazy,’ read on...I have good news for you! As you may know, I am the organizer of not only BKKfun.com and BangkokSingles.club in Bangkok but also SoCalSingles.com in Southern California. We also have members from Seattle Singles in the USA joining us. And the current situation is a worldwide event that affects everyone from our members in Bangkok to our friends in Southern California. EVERYONE is staying indoors or inconvenienced to some degree with the current situation. But you don’t have to be ‘home alone’ - we can still socialize 21st-century style over Zoom (video conferencing). And to prove that point, we are organizing an International Worldwide Happy Hour, an ONLINE Zoom meeting - and you are welcome to take part. This is your chance to socialize online with people from all over the world. It is a Worldwide International Live Social Meetup Event! We are going to meet LIVE around the world: Thursday night at 9p (California time) Friday morning 11.00am (Bangkok time) First you need to RSVP to this event. We have room for 100 people. After you RSVP, you will be able to see the zoom link for this week's event. When you enter the meeting/happy hour, you will be automatically assigned to one of 9 breakout rooms so you will be able to socialize with 9 different people. The session will be like an online cocktail party. Just say ‘hello,’ where you’re from, what you do - and let us know how all of this is affecting you. We just ask that everyone is respectful, giving others a chance to talk (ya know, like a real party). If you want to leave the breakout room, you can return to the main lobby and socialize with others who have also elected to meet in lobby (I’ll be there) and if you want me to assign you to another breakout room to meet others, you can request that of me and I will try to make that happen. Mark the date and time on your calendar, and be sure to be there for our live international online meetup event. It’s BYOB, shirts required, pants optional (as long as you don’t stand up!) Pets are welcome, too :) Again, you will see the Zoom link on this event site AFTER you RSVP, so get ready to join us for our international Worldwide Happy Hour...it’s going to be awesome!

Table Tennis Bangkok

Indoor Stadium Chula2

Welcome to our Table tennis group. We are a friendly group who love Table Tennis. We usually play Saturday afternoon and some weekday evenings at Chulalongkorn University at the Google maps location below. PLEASE NOTE: DUE TO COVID 19 AND LIMITED HOURS, OUR VENUE IS OPEN 9A-6P. MONDAY TO FRIDAY. SO WE HAVE MOVED THE REGULAR TIME WHEN OUR CLUB MEETS INFORMALLY (SATURDAY) TO FRIDAY AFTERNOON 3P-6P. WE ALSO SELF ORGANIZE GAMES AMONG OURSELVES AT OTHER TIMES AND LOCATIONS THROUGH OUR LINE GROUP LIST. PLEASE READ FOR DETAILS ON HOW TO JOIN OUR LINE GROUP. We currently "self organize" our events by communicating on our "LINE" "Ting Tong Ping Pong" group. If coming by BTS National Stadium is walking distance or Sam Yan if you're coming by MRT. https://maps.app.goo.gl/DznhhMgpcEiH4SDp9 We meet mostly on Saturdays and some of us who want to improve our game meet mid week in the evenings, from 5.30 up to 9pm, (usually Monday and Wednesdays). We usually tell each other if we'll go using our Line app group (which you can join too if you join us, ask one of our regular members to add you to the line group). The venue is a dedicated table tennis room (no air con but has large fans at the seating area for cooling down) with 10+ good tables. The fee to play is just 50 Baht for regular sessions payable to Chula staff directly (our organizers receive no money from members for the venues). Please sign in the guestbook on the table inside the entrance when you arrive and give 50 Baht to the staff or put in the box in the table. You're welcome to arrive late, stay beyond the finish time or arrive earlier than the scheduled times (they are open from about 10am to 6pm Members can play anyone who is at the venue. Changing rooms with showers are available and bring a bottle of water or a refillable container as there is cold filtered water available free in the table tennis hall. There are rackets to borrow free of charge at the venue but they are not great quality so if you plan to play regularly you can buy a cheap pre-made racket at most major shopping malls or get a custom made one at one of several shops in Bangkok. Regular members may be able to lend a racket newcomers the first time if you let us know before that you need one. We look forward to welcoming you to our Table Tennis group soon. Thanks for joining

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Floorball Hockey Group

Bhutthi Anant Sports Club Bang Na

THB 100.00

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