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Some things to know about the Media Factory events:
1. All workshops are open to individuals in our service area—if you are outside our service area, there may be an additional fee. Drop us a line for more info. 
2. Some workshops have a prerequisite—we'll post this info at the top of each event.
3. Many workshops are FREE. If there is a cost, it will be listed in the description. 
4. Have an idea for a workshop? Let us know!
5. Have questions about membership and gear loans? Call us at 802-651-9692.

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  1. Please RSVP to events that you plan to attend. If you cannot attend, please change your RSVP.
  2. We are an inclusive community and everyone is welcome here. Please be respectful in your engagement with fellow members and the organizers.
  3. Racism, discrimination, hate speech, or harassment targeting anyone’s disability, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, or expression is strictly not allowed. Members may be removed for the above behavior by the organizers.
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Upcoming events (4+)

Media Factory Orientation (In-Person)

BTV Media Factory Classroom

The gateway to checking out gear and using our facilities. We'll take a tour of the Media Factory, go over our policies and the cool stuff you can do here, and fill out paperwork (yay!).

Once you've taken this (free) class, you can:

• borrow our HD camcorders (for free)
• reserve and use the Media Factory TV studio (for free)
• make a show (ditto)
• get (free) one-on-one help on any aspect of video production.

Membership requires a photo ID and a mailing address within our service area (mediafactory.org/services/distribution).

Prefer an online orientation? Sign up for the orientation on the 3rd Saturday of the month.

Recording Audio

Media Factory

A good soundtrack will make your project come to life! This in-person workshop covers the techniques and equipment used to capture the best possible sound while shooting in the field. Audio configuration settings will be shown on several different cameras, as well as dual-system audio used with a DSLR.

Topics include:
Choosing the right microphone
Dealing with challenges on locations
Wired vs. wireless systems
Boom poles
Camcorder settings
DIY options
Using the Zoom H4n
Ambient sound issues

Recommended Donation: $25

This donation supports our community media programs and is not a requirement for participation. You can make a donation now at http://mediafactory.org/donate

Edit Suite Certification

Media Factory

Are you a Media Factory member looking to edit your projects at Media Factory?

Get certified to use the Media Factory edit suites, which include access to Adobe Premiere, After Effects, Final Cut Pro, DaVinci Resolve, and more. You will get a unique login and a volume on our EVO, which is a super-fast storage network designed for editing video.

This workshop is for Media Factory MEMBERS ONLY.

If you're interested in our FREE membership, please attend one of our Orientations on the first and third Saturdays each month.

Making Magic with Composition and Lighting

BTV Media Factory Classroom

Move beyond basics with this workshop that makes your videos "pop!" You will learn how to frame your shot, light your subject, and incorporate camera movements to tell your story. Completion of a camera workshop or previous experience using video cameras is required for this workshop.

Recommended Donation: $25

This donation supports our community media programs and is not a requirement for participation. You can make a donation now at http://mediafactory.org/donate

Past events (657)

Editing Essentials

Media Factory