Sweet and Savory Dishes inspired by your Favorite Candy! Read on.....

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Front Entrance - use the stairs or elevator to go to the lower level. You will see us when you emerge. Back Entrance - just walk down the hall and turn right. We are right there!

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Due to the large number of attendees signed up for this event, I will keep changing the date until it's safe to meet in larger numbers.

We all have a favorite candy ... either one we currently can't resist, or one that we loved as a child. Choose a flavor in your favorite candy as your inspiration for a sweet or savory dish! This will take some creativity and research but we can do this! Also...if your favorite candy bar is still around, bring one with you for "show and tell" hahaha!! :):) Some ideas:

SNICKERS - you could make a snickers inspired dessert or a savory dish using peanuts or peanut butter.

SOUR PATCH - A sweet and sour dish

HOT TAMALES - A spicy dish

MALLOW CUPS - Peanut butter Fluff sandwiches on home made bread? Baked smores... use that marshmallow!

TWIX - Use shortbread for anything sweet or savory

MILKY WAY - Caramelized anything! Caramel can be incorporated into any savory dish or ..... caramelized bacon. Oh yes :))

FRUITY GUMMIES - Make anything fruity! Pie, Cake, or a fruit jam or sauce for a savory dish.

ALMOND JOY - So many things we can do with coconut and almonds :)

PURE CHOCOLATE - We did a "chocolate" meetup before and came up with some pretty inventive chocolate savory dishes! The "sweet" speaks for itself :).

PEPPERMINT PATTY - A minty salad with home baked croutons, minty dessert, minty anything!

You can use your favorite candy flavors in a dip, breads, muffins, meat dishes, desserts, absolutely anything. Try and include a baked element if your main item is not baked. Don't forget to bring ONE of your favorite candy! This is going to be a SWEET event! :)):):)

*This is a ladies only meetup. If you are a first timer and you add a +1 to your RSVP, please make sure it's a female. We provide take out containers and you are welcome to take food home to husbands and boyfriends, but we like to keep this meetup a ladies night out!

*Before the meetup, leave a comment and let us know if you are a Baker or a Taster! If you are a baker, tell us what you are baking. Please look at the other comments to make sure there are no exact duplicates. Your recipe should be enough for attendees to have a tiny portion. Don't feel obligated to double or triple your recipe.

$ CONTRIBUTIONS: I don't officially require payment for events, however it is suggested that attendees contribute $2 - $3 at each event (contribution bucket provided). I don't keep tabs on who contributes and I will continue to run this fun group regardless of donations, but Meetup expenses do add up, and the cost to organize a group just increased again. If you would like to see what your contribution is going towards, you can click on the link below (the link doesn't always work on mobile devices). All expenses from the beginning of this group are recorded. Online contributions are listed under "contributions". Cash donations are listed under "other income" : https://www.meetup.com/Bakers-and-Tasters/money

Looking forward to seeing everyone!! Happy Baking! :):)