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We're going to work on the craft of songwriting: AABA, Verse/Chorus, 12-bar blues, rhyming, scansion, writing the bridge, writing for musical theatre and cabaret -- all the basics, and we'll go as far as you want to go. This is for beginners, intermediate, or folks who have experience and want to hone their craft. Whether you're a composer/lyricist, or a composer or lyricist, please join us. If you have a work in progress, bring along 15 copies for the rest of the group; if not, just bring your ideas and yourself. If you have an acoustic guitar, bring it for the "lab" part of the meeting, where we work on in-class assignments, alone and in small teams, and present in class (if you're too shy, come anyway, and be a part of the group - Performing your song is not necessary!) The workshop format is listen, teach, discuss, write, present, repeat. This is a workshop: bring pen, notebook/paper, rhyming dictionary if you have (I'll share mine). Email me and let me know what you're specifically interested in. I'll try to accommodate. Hope to see you there!

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NEW! One-Hour ZOOM SONGWRITING BASICS (Addition to Baltimore Songwriters)

Our regular Baltimore Songwriter's Meetup has added a second monthly ZOOM meeting: THE BASICS OF SONGWRITING. If you're new, or a regular songwriter who wants to refresh the basics, this is for you. Over the last 3 years, many songwriters joined our regular workshop and advanced to complicated songwriting. This is a one-hour BASICS songwriting class, good to refresh or add onto the regular classes for beginners. We go over structure, rhyme, scansion, the three types of songs -- AABA, VERSE/CHORUS, 12-BAR BLUES - and other basics. Whether you're a heavy-metal writer, blues, country-western, pop, musical theatre writer, there are basics that help everyone. I focus on finding your own "voice" - style - in your songs. If you are a composer and looking for a lyricist to collaborate, this is the place to be We're non-competetive, friendly, and enjoy a true spirit of collaboration. I hope to see you there.

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