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Angular Material is official material design component library for Angular (2+). While still at version 2.0.0-beta.8, it already provides great number of polished components out of the box. This enables developers to focus on core business features instead of creating basic components while maintaing flexibility to add what's necessary. Library comes with amazing theming capabilities which enables you to progressively customize way your application looks like. This theming support also really shines in common multitenancy branding use case.

In this talk we're going to explore the whole process of theming as a live coding session. Staring from simple un-themed app to an app with support for multiple custom themes with both Angular Material and custom components.

Tomas Herich (@tomastrajan) - likes to build useful things! It usually involves code & design. Software engineer with many years of experiences on multiple platforms, projects and with many organizations. Always striving to bring as much value as possible. Blogger & occasional speaker with passion for frontend and soft spot for Angular & typescript.