Alibaba's Usage of Apache Drill for Querying a Time Series Database


Update: Wed May 22nd:

For Parking:
Please park in the visitor lot in front of building on Great America Parkway.

Go to MapR offices on 2nd floor, either via elevators or stairs. Entrance to MapR is next to elevators.

Talks/ Webinar:
First talk will start about 6:30pm after social time.

Join us on May 22 for an evening of presentations and discussions on how Alibaba uses Apache Drill for querying a Time Series Databases and what's new in the Apache Drill 1.16 release

We’ll have two speakers, networking, food and, of course, Drillers!

We will also have a WebEx session - see the bottom of the description for WebEx details.

Talk #1: Alibaba's Usage of Apache Drill for querying a Time Series Database
Alibaba Time Series Database (TSDB) provides a cost-effective high-performance time series database service. TSDB has been used extensively as a backbone for various monitoring services within the company. Externally, it provides service to customers on AliCloud in different industries, including IoT, security monitoring, etc. Recently, we added into TSDB with a SQL query engine, powered by Apache Drill. Jinfeng Ni will talk about the challenges of building a SQL query engine to analyze highly dynamic time series data and how a Drill-based query engine provides SQL query functionality with real-time performance.

Speaker Bio:
Jinfeng Ni works as a software engineer on the TSDB team at Alibaba. He is a PMC member of Apache Drill and PMC member of Apache Calcite. His work focuses on the areas of SQL query optimization and query processing parallel/distributed relational databases, NoSQL databases.

Talk #2: What’s new with Apache Drill 1.16 & a demo of Schema Provisioning
Apache Drill is a schema-on-read engine which infers schema at runtime. This capability is very convenient to explore data. But sometimes, in order to ensure proper query execution, i.e. avoiding schema change exceptions, it would be helpful to provide schema during query execution. Drill's schema provisioning project aims to add the ability to:
- define columns types and nullability;
- specify columns format and default values;
- control which columns are projected and their projection order.

Sorabh will explain what's new in Apache Drill v1.16 and provide a demo of the new Schema Provisioning capability.

Speaker Bio:
Sorabh is a software engineer at MapR and a PMC member for Apache Drill. Currently, he is working on the Resource Management project for Drill, and in the past has worked on Security and Lateral/Unnest feature in Drill. His areas of interest are the design and development of high performance distributed systems. Prior to MapR, he was working at Microsoft in Azure Storage Team building the distributed file system platform for the cloud.

Alibaba's Usage of Apache Drill for Querying a Time Series Database
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