What we're about

Description of Community Group:

It takes skill, resources and a community to create a successful business, be it a high-tech start-up or a small business. At Golden Gate University, many of our students choose to start their own ventures upon graduation, building on the knowledge they've gained with us. Business owners also come to GGU looking to fill gaps in their training and gain the confidence it takes to compete in the climate today. Many of our faculty are themselves investors and entrepreneurs, and bring a wealth of experience to the mix.

This group is yet another step in our commitment to providing resources to the broader Bay Area business world. We hope to provide a platform for dialog between entrepreneurs, investors, students, Civic leaders and educators through hosting networking events and helping others do the same.

Who Should Attend
* Aspiring Entrepreneurs
* New Entrepreneurs
* Experienced Entrepreneurs looking to help the 2 groups above

* Educators

* Students who are getting the skills to start their own businesses

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