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This Meetup is a coalition of most of the Bay Area Freethought groups. We post our various meetings, hoping that people will find groups that suit their outlook. A number of Skeptical meetings are also posted here. We're an "umbrella" for a few locations at once: SF, North, East, and South Bays, and the Peninsula.

Some groups post their meetings as recurring, meaning you will see several meetings listed as upcoming. But most post their meetings a couple of weeks before the event. This can give the appearance that meetings are dominated by the groups with recurring events.

For science events, check out http://wonderfest.org

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Godless Perverts Social Club

Wicked Grounds

Join us every first Tuesday of the month at Wicked Grounds, San Francisco’s renowned BDSM-themed coffee house for an evening of conversation and socializing. Community is one of the reasons we started Godless Perverts. There are few enough places to land when you decide that you’re an atheist; far fewer if you’re also LGBT, queer, kinky, poly, trans, or are just interested in sexuality. All orientations, genders, and kinks (or lack thereof) welcome. There’s no admission, but we ask that you buy food and drink at the counter, or make a donation to the venue.

Humanist Forum: CRISPR: A Revolution in Genome Editing

SF State Downtown Campus, San Francisco

This event is sponsored by the Bay Area Humanists and cross-posted from https://www.meetup.com/sfhumanists/events/266253334/ Bacteria are under constant attack from viruses. In order to defend themselves, these microbes have evolved a unique and creative immune system that scientists have called “CRISPR.” As researchers began to unravel this perplexing defense system, they quickly realized that CRISPR proteins might not only improve the health of bacteria but could reshape the landscape of human health. Scientists have shown that they can “program” an assortment of CRISPR proteins to cut any sequence of DNA. The ability to precisely edit the genome of nearly any organism has revolutionized biology, medicine, and agriculture. From curing deadly genetic disorders to engineering drought-resistant plants, CRISPR genome editing technology will reshape modern medicine and our food supply. This talk will explore the groundbreaking CRISPR technology and raise pressing questions that society is now forced to confront. Dr. Kevin Doxzen is the Science Communications Specialist at the Innovative Genomics Institute (IGI). The IGI is an academic research partnership between UC Berkeley and UC San Francisco that aims to develop and deploy genome editing technologies to solve real-world problems. Kevin received a B.A. in Biophysics from Johns Hopkins University and went on to receive a Ph.D. in Biophysics from UC Berkeley in the lab of Dr. Jennifer Doudna. The Doudna lab is credited with co- discovering CRISPR genome editing technology and continues to make advancements in this rapidly growing field. In his current position, Kevin aims to educate and empower the wider public to help understand the latest biotechnological advancements in genome editing and beyond. Our Humanist Forum talks begin with an unstructured meet-and-greet at 2:30. ** The presentation itself will start at 3 o'clock.** Most lectures incorporate a long period of Q&A, finishing around 4:45. Afterward, many of us head to the mall next door for an early dinner. The dinner is a great way to get to know people in your local humanist community, and if you're not hungry you can always come along and grab a drink instead. We will be in room 619 on the 6th floor. Please enter the building from the 835 Market St. entrance between Walgreens and the Timberland store.

Beer Not God

Era Art Bar & Lounge

Hi folks, we’ll be meeting 2nd Wednesdays at Era, upstairs. Remember, happy hour until 7:00, you can now order pizza from next door or you can bring it from somewhere else, street parking is free after 6, and it's close to 19th Street BART. So please join fellow East Bay Atheists for an evening of friendly conversation and, um, beer.

BAS SkepTalk: Dr. Layla Katiraee - "Are you sure that sippy-cup is safe?"

Parents face overwhelming amounts of information about the safety and welfare of their children. With social media, every seemingly small decision seems impossible as the internet provides conflicting information on every topic ranging from sippy-cup safety to vaccines and medication. Most people do not assess risk correctly. They tend to overinflate small risks while ignoring large risks. But parents are particularly prone to misinformation as their risk assessment is highly skewed because the stakes seem much higher when it comes to their children. Consequently, stories and articles highlighting the dangers or risks of foods and children’s items gain a lot of traction. When these stories tap into different values or belief systems that the audience may hold, then they become part of one’s identity and worldview, and Parenting Wars are born. Throughout this presentation, Dr. Katiraee will highlight how SciMoms have tried to break through the silos in Parenting Wars. She will highlight the importance of understanding the fears that parents have, and that facts can only go so far in swaying or convincing one’s audience. About Dr. Layla Katiraee Dr. Layla Katiraee is a product development scientist in the DNA sequencing space. She holds a Bachelors (HBSc) in Biochemistry from the University of Western Ontario, a doctoral degree (Ph.D.) in Molecular Genetics from the University of Toronto, and a certificate in Applied Bioinformatics from Penn State. Layla is also one of the directors at SciMoms, an educational non-profit dedicated to helping parents navigate through the overwhelming amounts of (mis)information and marketing claims they encounter. SciMoms strives to frame all topics through the appropriate definitions of hazard and risk, and to use nuance and relevant evidence in the topics they discuss. Established in 2017, SciMoms has written about topics as varied as gun safety, breastfeeding, trampoline safety, vaccines, and GMOs. Disclaimer: Layla’s views and opinions as expressed on SciMoms are hers alone and may not represent the views of her past or present employers.

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Beer Not God

Era Art Bar & Lounge

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