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This Meetup is a coalition of most of the Bay Area Freethought groups. We post our various meetings, hoping that people will find groups that suit their outlook. A number of Skeptical meetings are also posted here. We're an "umbrella" for a few locations at once: SF, North, East, and South Bays, and the Peninsula.

Some groups post their meetings as recurring, meaning you will see several meetings listed as upcoming. But most post their meetings a couple of weeks before the event. This can give the appearance that meetings are dominated by the groups with recurring events.

For science events, check out http://wonderfest.org

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Less Stress, More Kindness: How Calming Down Helps Us Step Up

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In our “grit and grind” culture, being busy and stressed out is a badge of honor. But when we’re stressed, we’re easily triggered, and when we’re triggered, we can be unkind to ourselves and others. What does being emotionally dysregulated like that do to us physically and emotionally? What does it do to our Humanist cause? Identifying our default stress response—and learning how to replace it with a calmer response—makes us kinder people. Then when we look for kindness, we see it all around us!

BIO: Dorothea Deley is an author, storyteller, applied improvisation facilitator, and certified TRE® (Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises) provider. She’s performed and spoken at the American Atheists and American Humanist Association’s annual conferences, as well as at secular organizations across the country. The Freedom From Religion Foundation profiled her in its Freethought Today for her solo show, “Jesus Loves You! (But Hates Me)." Based in Las Vegas, Nev., Dorothea is on a mission to help people relax, recover from religious trauma, remember how to play, and reaffirm the goodness in themselves and others.

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