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The Impurity Ball

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Greta C.


The Impurity Ball: A dance party spoofing purity balls and celebrating sexual freedom

You are cordially invited to the Impurity Ball, a dance party and activities extravaganza, spoofing purity balls and celebrating sexual freedom. A benefit for Center for Sex and Culture and Godless Perverts.

You know those creepy Purity Balls, where teenage girls pledge to stay virgins until marriage, and fathers pledge to protect their daughters’ virginity? That’s what we’re mocking. In addition to dancing all night, the evening’s activities will include:

*Impurity Ring Ring-Toss. (Take a wild guess what we’ll be tossing the rings onto!)
*Prom Photo Booth. Take the sexy prom pic you always wanted.
*Debaptisms. Were you pledged to a sexual purity cult against your will? Let our Humanist celebrant undo it!
*Impurity Supply Station. Need the devil beaten out of you (consensually, of course)? Want your own “purity rings” for your parts? Visit our Impurity Supply Station!
*Impurity Pledge. In which we pledge to support each other’s consensual sexuality or lack thereof — and make a ridiculously big spectacle out of it.
*Ten-Minute Dating. The ultimate ice-breaker!
*Potluck treats. Bring your favorites!
*Introvert’s Lounge. Enjoy parties, but need breaks from the noise and chaos? Visit our quiet VIP lounge for Very Introverted People!
*Dance music by DJ Victor Harris Jr.

All proceeds to benefit the Center for Sex and Culture ( and Godless Perverts ( Suggested donation $10-$30: no-one turned away for lack of funds.

Suggested Dress:
Wear what will make you happy — just keep your junk covered. Some suggestions (admired but by no means required):
*Formal/ prom wear
*Sexy and/or fetish wear
*Sexy versions of formal wear
*Mocking or over-the-top versions of formal wear
*Festive, colorful, exuberant, or celebratory outfits
*Comfortable clothes that make you happy

Hope to see you there!

1349 Mission Street · San Francisco, CA