Silicon Valley Open Hackathon: Week 2 - Picking An Idea/Problem (FREE)

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More powerful than the might of all the armies on Earth is an idea whose time has come. - Victor Hugo

This is an open community Hackathon organized by AAPM, CSPA, SIPA, SVCA, ICC. It aims to provide a lean launchpad for startups.

Areas of focus are open, including but not limited to, IoT, Big Data, Cloud, AI, HealthCare, Life Sciences, Medical Devices, AR/VR, Enterprise and Consumer.

Invitation is open to all:
- Investors of all levels to bring problems of their interest for the participants to solve and join the panel of judges. (To define and introduce a problem space in the agenda, investors must contact organizers. Problem spaces defined by investors are shared with all REGISTERED participants.)
- Hackers, entrepreneurs, startups, developers, domain experts and technology professionals in the Bay area to bring their own ideas or pick ideas from problems defined by investors, and then build and demo their product, platform or solution.
- Biz & Tech Professionals to participate in judging and networking.


- Please REGISTER above. Only REGISTERED participants/members will receive communication emails.
- It's an open event - open to the community for participation.
- There's no bar and no criteria.
- Any individual professional or any startup can participate.
- Any investor can join the panel of judges.
- Judges and participants must share their LinkedIn links.
- Participants are requested to bring their own laptops each time.
- All REGISTERED audience members on the floor, attending physically or virtually, including VCs, investors, distinguished judges, experts and professionals in the tech community will be judging (nominating and scoring) the participants.
- Top 50 participants, nominated by judges and audience, will be demoing their products.
- Each participant will be making a presentation, including Q&A, for 5 minutes.
- Nomination votes and scores are shared with all REGISTERED members.
- All participants receive quantitative and qualitative feedback from judges.
- Top nominated participants receive tokens and gifts.
- Winners receive prizes.
- Select winners secure a chance of receiving seed investment and further investments in the later fund raising rounds from interested investors.

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Week 1 - Prepping
Week 2 - Picking A Compelling Idea/Problem
Week 3 - Building A Strong Team
Week 4 - Building An Innovative Product/Prototype
Week 5 - Learning about Critical Factors for Obtaining Funding
Week 6 - Participating in the Screening Round
Week 7 - Pitching it to investors at Demo Day

Details for each week will be communicated to registered members through emails.

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