Valeria de Paiva, "Doing Time, categorically"


Valeria de Paiva, "Doing Time, categorically"

Valeria will present an easy system of intuitionistic tense logic, which has a Curry-Howard corresponding type theory and categorical semantics. This was a recent paper by Harley Eades III and myself in the IFColog Journal of Logics and Applications, special volume dedicated to Grisha Mints (May 2017). This is a continuation of work Valeria has presented in BACATS in May 2014 .

Regarding parking.

The administration told us that parking at the university is free starting at 8pm. So if there's nobody at the gate, better not go there. But if there is somebody, you can ask for a day permit, explaining that you are coming for a seminar.

Alternatively, there was a lot of parking on Franklin street. Unfortunately they are repairing it now, so... there may be update after Tuesday, with new ideas.