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For the past 5 years, we've brought marketers together around an expert presentation. We hosted presenters from leading companies like VMware, SiriusDecisions, Flipboard, Marketo, InVision and Demandbase.

We also hosted our local Congresswoman, Representative Jackie Speier, and Content Marketing Institute (CMI) Founder Joe Pulizzi.

Guests have traveled from near (e.g., Palo Alto) and far (e.g., Tokyo and Kazakhstan).

We used to meet once a month (in the Bay Area) over pizza. These days, we're 100% online and meet more often. All of our online Meetups are hosted on Zoom and free to attend. All are welcome!

Hope to see you on Zoom! Our upcoming Meetups are here 👇

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How Innovators Come Up With Great Ideas That Deliver Extraordinary Outcomes

Presenter: Carla Johnson, Keynote Speaker, Best-Selling Author, Marketing & Innovation Strategist

We've all seen the examples of the LEGO movie, IBM’s Watson, and the ALS ice bucket challenge. They're held up time and time again as beacons of killer creativity.

Enough already. It's easy if you have sexy products, big budgets and household brand names. But in the “real” world there are all kinds of restraints. Those innovative examples don't have anything to do with us.

Or do they?

It turns out, we all suffer from something called Brand Detachment Disorder (B.D.D.). We can't connect the dots between big-name brands and the work that we do. And this blindness kills creative ideas before we even get started.

But guess what — the most brilliant minds understand that an innovation mindset is something you consistently nurture, rather than leave to chance.

Welcome to RE:Think Innovation®.

In this captivating webinar, innovation and marketing strategist, and best-selling author Carla Johnson shows you how combating B.D.D., recognizing inspiration everywhere and iterating ideas breeds unstoppable creativity and game-changing innovation for you and your team.

You’ll learn how to rethink your approach for new content ideas. She’ll teach you how inspiration from anywhere can lead to measurable business outcomes. You’ll walk away feeling confident to introduce new ideas, make good ideas better and instill a culture of innovation by everyone in your group.

You’ll learn:

👉 How to take inspiration from iconic brands then make it relevant to your work.

👉 Why the process we use to pitch ideas today almost ensures bosses and clients say no...and how to fix it.

👉 The simple, repeatable and scalable 5-step process that teaches you how to come up with great ideas on demand.

How a UX Designer Uses Advanced AI Tools to Create a Content Marketing Machine

Edward Chechique is a UX designer who regularly creates content on Medium and YouTube.

While Edward says he has no marketing experience, he's managed to create a fine-tuned content marketing machine that helps elevate his personal brand.

How does he do it? With a combination of know-how, insights and AI-driven marketing tools.

In this talk, Edward goes behind the scenes to show you the process behind his content strategy, ideation, writing, editing and publishing.

He'll show you how he uses tools like Wordtune, MarketMuse, Grammarly and more. You'll leave this talk with ideas for how you can better manage your own content marketing processes.

Follow Edward on Twitter: https://twitter.com/edwche

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