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Established in 2015, we've brought marketers together around an expert presentation. We hosted presenters from leading companies like VMware, SiriusDecisions, Flipboard, Marketo, InVision and Demandbase.

We also hosted our local Congresswoman, Representative Jackie Speier, and Content Marketing Institute (CMI) Founder Joe Pulizzi.

Guests have traveled from near (e.g., Palo Alto) and far (e.g., Tokyo and Kazakhstan).

We used to meet once a month (in the Bay Area) over pizza. These days, we're 100% online and meet more often. All of our online Meetups are hosted on Zoom and free to attend. All are welcome!

Hope to see you on Zoom! Our upcoming Meetups are here 👇

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How the Email Marketing Industry Created a Monster (And How We Can Save It)

Presenter: Melissa Moody, Founder & Head of Marketing, Gated.

There are 347 billion emails sent daily and most of us experience inbox overload on a daily basis. How did we get here?

Email marketing and sales automation has exploded over the past few years, with a proliferation of tools that enable more automated emails at low cost.

It's no wonder marketers love email: it's easy, cheap, and until recently, quite effective. However, as email inboxes get busier, B2B buyers are tuning out and reply rates for email campaigns are dropping, often below 1%.

Additionally, those B2B buyers are often marketers themselves who feel the pain of a cluttered, irrelevant inbox more than most.

In order to return email to an effective channel, it's time to realign incentives and shift power back to the user of email.

Come hear about the next evolution in email and how marketers are in exactly the right place to benefit from this shift.

Structured Networking Event (Yes, In-Person and with Beer 🍻)

Needs a location

Our last in-person Meetup was at Fieldwork Brewing in San Mateo. Joe Pulizzi, Founder of Content Marketing Institute was our special guest.

Since that Meetup in March 2020, we've been 100% online.

But now we're back! And it's only fitting that we return to Fieldwork Brewing. Two benefits:

  1. We can socially distance outdoors
  2. They have beer

Friend of the Meetup Tod Cordill is visiting from out of town. Come mingle with this expert in online marketing, SaaS, social media and direct mail. Follow Tod on Twitter:



Structured Networking
Rich Schwerin, co-organizer of our Meetup will facilitate a structured networking session. We'll gather in a circle. Each person will have the opportunity to share:

  1. PRIOR EXPERIENCE: What HAVE you done?
  2. PRESENT EXPERIENCE: What ARE you doing?
  3. FUTURE EXPERIENCE: What are you INTERESTED in? And how can we help?

Drinks and Food
Fieldwork Brewing has a wide selection of beers and an assortment of snacks. Roam Artisan Burgers is across the street. You're welcome to get take-out and eat on the Fieldwork grounds.

This event is BYOB - BUY your own beer 😎

There are parking spots near Fieldwork Brewing. If you're interested in taking public transportation, the Hillsdale Caltrain Station is a few-minute walk away. You're also encouraged to use a ride-sharing service.

Instagram Strategies and Tactics to Drive Leads for Your Small Business

Presenter: Mariana Padilla, Founder & CEO, Red Lab Marketing.

Here's a fact: marketing your small business on Instagram is hard.

Not only does Instagram have a variety of features that seem to be constantly changing, it can be hard to gain visibility and grow your audience.

Never fear!

Mariana of Red Lab Marketing is here to demystify Instagram marketing for small business owners.

During this one-hour workshop, you'll get information on:

  1. An overview of Instagram's features
  2. Insights into which types of content to focus on
  3. Making sales on Instagram
  4. How to show up online in a way that is authentic to you

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