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Los Angeles Cyber Security Meetup (https://www.meetup.com/Los-Angeles-Cyber-Security-Meetup)

Berlin Cyber Security Startups and Innovation Meetup (https://www.meetup.com/Berlin-Cyber-Security-Meetup)


This group is for Bay Area security enthusiasts, security professionals, and technology professionals who want to learn, network and share their knowledge. Our goal is to get technologists interested in cyber security and share resources about the latest in information security, threat intelligence, and incident response.

Interested in presenting or sponsoring? Email Nicole at bayareacybersec@gmail.com.


We have two tiers of sponsorships

Tier 1 - Location - If you and your organization can offer us a place to host our meetup at, you will receive the 1st speaking slot. Your space must be able to hold 60+ people comfortable and be able to get to (no badge scans, keys, and abides by your company's security policies). This is typically our biggest need and we usually don't schedule meetups unless we have a location to host them at.

Tier 2 - Food/Drink - If you and your organization can offer to buy the meetup beer and pizza, you will receive the 2nd speaking slot. Typically, buying pizza will cost around $500 to $700 depending on the size of the meetup. Drinks average about $100 - $120. I will help you determine numbers and how much food/drink to purchase before the meetup. If the sponsor for Tier 1 is not interested in speaking, then Tier 2 sponsors get the 1st speaking slot.

Yes you can split the cost for the beer/pizza sponsorship but I may only be able to offer 1 speaking slot.


If we either the Tier 1 or Tier 2 sponsors are not interested in speaking, we will give the open speaking spot to anybody who has applied. Typically, if we cannot fill this spot a week ahead of the meetup, I will send a note from the group. This is on a first come, first serve basis.

How do you make sure your speaking abstract is accepted right away? I need the following details:

• Name of Presenter(s):

• Title of Presenter(s):

• LinkedIn Link of Presenter(s) (optional):

• Company:

• Title of Presentation:

• Synopsis of Presentation (50-70 words):

Requirements for speaking slots:

• Your presentation CANNOT be a sales pitch. You will instantly turn off the group and people will become less engaged.

• Presentation must be around 30 mins long. Please allow time for 5-10 mins of Q&A.

• Be prepared for people recording, taking pictures, or taking notes during your presentation. I cannot be held responsible for information presented that you deemed 'private' for leaking. This is a public event.

• Must be related to cyber security in some way


DO NOT post open job recs, espcially on event pages. I will consider this spam and delete the content and ban you from the meetup.

DO NOT post promotions for your company (events, webinars, special offers, etc). I will consider this spam and delete the content.

YOU CAN post questions and discussions about communities

YOU CAN post about free (not-for-profit) events that's open to the public.


Consider your tone -- Approach discussions, even ones where disagreements arise, with respect to those engaging with you. Do not use all capitals, as this is considered shouting.

Be as specific as possible -- Your subject line should be clear, the content of your inquiry should be in-depth, and the reason for your post should be clearly evident.

Be courteous of others’ time -- Do not mark your question as urgent or ASAP. Don't put personal contact details in your question and expect people to contact you via phone or email. Community questions should be answered in the community.

Provide resources and context needed to answer your question -- Provide the product and full version, as well as any relevant information about the device/software you are experiencing the issues with.

Be attentive to general rules regarding content -- Links to outside blogs and websites will likely be considered spam. Do not include confidential or proprietary content, proofread your post, and do not plagiarize.

Respond appropriately when your question has been addressed -- Proper etiquette is that the poster should provide feedback to those who provide answers to questions.

Spam, defamation, obscenity, sexism, and bigotry are not tolerated and perpetrators will be banned without notice.

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