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This is an ACTIVE Meetup Group... if you are sensitive to being invited to our events, please note that we schedule about 4-8 events a month.
We try to keep emails down to the announcements of the actual movies, and then only to those that RSVP "yes" to a specific event.
Other than that, I try to not send out more than one mass non-event email every few months.

Our basic mission: To see significant and/or interesting films playing in the greater San Francisco Bay Area and then to go somewhere close by afterwards to eat, drink, share company and discuss the films we just watched.

The philosophy of the BAFS is to allow a network of wonderful Assistant Organizers to thrive and coordinate film outings at least every other week. Our goal is that this horizontal arrangement can continue, and that potential member hosts will schedule outings in the South, East and North Bay.

My personal hope is that this group will continue to meet the needs of all members, no matter the type of movie each is personally interested in. I believe in empowering people to make the group what they want, so I am very generous in applying the assistant organizer position to those who request it. All I ask is that the events are Bay Area based, movie specific, and do not cost anything above theater admission prices to attend.

Also, be sure to check the Message Board periodically for various pertinent announcements, freebies, etc.



Upcoming events (5)

Noir City: PUSHOVER & PRIVATE HELL 36 at The Castro

Castro Theatre

Tickets: https://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/4023690 If you are interested in meeting nearby before the show for a bite to eat, please let me know! PUSHOVER at 7:30 PM Following a daring bank heist, cop Paul Sheridan (Fred MacMurray) is assigned to keep covert tabs on the main suspect's girlfriend. But once he makes contact with sexy Lona McLane (budding superstar Kim Novak in her first starring role), he's on a slippery slope; she persuades Sheridan that they can escape together with the loot and leave both the crooks and the cops high and dry. A bristling, beautifully directed and photographed thriller, from a dynamite script by the redoubtable Roy Huggins. One of several films from 1954 (Witness to Murder, Rear Window) to exploit voyeurism as a theme. Touted by Jean-Luc Godard as one of the best American films of the 1950s. Presented in 35mm courtesy of Sony Pictures 1954, Columbia [Sony Pictures]. 88 min. 35mm Scr. Roy Huggins, based on novels by Bill Ballinger and Thomas Walsh. Dir. Richard Quine PRIVATE HELL 36 at 9:20 PM Two L.A. cops, Cal Bruner (Steve Cochran) and Jack Farnham (Howard Duff) stumble into the money trail from an East Coast robbery. Nightclub singer Lilli Marlowe (Ida Lupino), who handled some of the hot cash, agrees to help them hunt the culprit. But when Cal and Lilli fall for each other, the law suddenly takes a backseat to larceny. The "dirty cop" trend of the 1950s reached its apotheosis with this wicked, booze-fueled thriller, with writer-producer-star Ida Lupino burning bright among the burly tough guys. Although its more character study than thriller, director Don Siegel shows flashes of the brilliance about to be unleashed in Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Presented in an archival 35mm print courtesy of the British Film Institute 1954, The Filmakers [Paramount]. 81 min. 35mm Scr. Ida Lupino and Collier Young. Dir. Don Siegel

Noir City: NIGHTFALL & THE BURGLAR at The Castro

Castro Theatre

Tickets: https://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/4023724 If you are interested in meeting nearby before this program for a bite to eat, please let me know! NIGHTFALL at 7:30 PM Artist Jim Vanning (Aldo Ray) has his life go off the rails when fate pitches a pair of on-the-lam crooks into his winter hunting trip. From then on he lives life on the run, enduring relentless surveillance, dozens of double-crosses, psychotic killers on his tail, lots of de rigeur flashbacks, and—on the bright side—beguiling Anne Bancroft, decked out the latest fifties' fashions. One of the last true noirs of the original era, this often-overlooked gem features terrific direction from Tourneur (Out of the Past) and great work by cinematographer Burnett Guffey. Presented in 35mm archival print courtesy of Sony Pictures 1956, Columbia [Sony]. 78 min. 35mm Scr. Stirling Silliphant, from the novel by David Goodis. Dir. Jacques Tourneur THE BURGLAR at 9:10 PM Veteran safecracker Nat Harbin (Dan Duryea) has enough on hands, trying to get away clean with the spoils from a daring B&E—without having to shield his "ward," nubile, voluptuous Gladden (Jayne Mansfield) from his rough and randy crew. The psychosexual dynamics of Goodis' tale grows steadily darker as Nat tries to outrun his destiny. Featuring noir favorite Duryea at his world-weary best, and a surprising turn from Martha (The Big Sleep) Vickers. The guilt-laden caper is given a stylized visual workout by whiz-kid director Wendkos. One of the few films of the late '50s to capture the fatalistic feel of classic noir. Presented in 35mm courtesy of Sony Pictures 1956, Columbia [Sony]. 90 min. 35mm Scr. David Goodis, from his novel. Dir. Paul Wendkos


Roxie Theater

Tickets: https://prod3.agileticketing.net/websales/pages/info.aspx?evtinfo=422295~675e319f-e7c4-4a79-a[masked]a140375bb&epguid=fd8c705f-9e[masked]-b394-f263e3a0f1a0& If you want to meet before this program for food and/or drinks, please let me know. Description Acclaimed American writer Dennis Cooper (Frisk) is famous for his novels, poems and short stories full of violent, drug-fueled queer characters and explicit fantasies of sexual violence. Permanent Green Light, co-directed with visual artist Zac Farley, looks like a friendlier version of his literary universe but preserves its inner and subversive tension: a young French man wants to blow himself up in public, without any clear reason. The film builds an idiosyncratic world of seemingly detached boys and abstract suburban areas. Cooper and Farley are more focused on their confused emotions than ideology, translating their death wish into quirky and sensual situations. It's a fascinating work on the beauty and danger of youth, and true to Copper's observation of filmmaker Robert Bresson used in his novel Try: "The thing that matters is not what actors show me but what they hide from me and, above all, what they do not suspect is in them." -JR Film Info Director: Dennis Cooper & Zac Farley Film Category: Narrative Running Time: 91 min Country: France Year of Release: 2018

IndieFest: HARVEST SEASON at The Roxie

Roxie Theater

Tickets: https://prod3.agileticketing.net/websales/pages/info.aspx?evtinfo=422279~675e319f-e7c4-4a79-a[masked]a140375bb&epguid=fd8c705f-9e[masked]-b394-f263e3a0f1a0& Description California’s Napa Valley is one of the premier wine growing regions in the world. It has been celebrated for at least four decades as a kind of “American Eden,” an idyllic and luxurious global destination. Yet the vineyard workers and the small producers with roots in the fields are rarely credited for the valley's famed bounty. Filmed over the course of one agricultural year, Harvest Season takes an “other side of the valley” approach, delving into the lives of people who are intimately connected to the winemaking process. This documentary brings forward those who are are often background characters in other narratives about wine and gives viewers an immersive experience into the compelling, difficult, and dramatic process of making some of the world’s most celebrated wines. - CM Film Info Director: Bernardo Ruiz Film Category: Documentary (Local) Running Time: 83 min Country: USA Year of Release: 2018

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