Creating a Culture of Feedback in your Organization - Why it matters

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Whether you're a growing startup or an established company, productivity and retention are always top of mind.

Employees who don’t know where they stand at work are less productive and more likely to find more gratifying employment elsewhere. Feedback matters.
Without it, we become anxious and suspicious, we are afraid of what people are thinking and don’t feel empowered.

Gallup reports that only 1% of employees who receive positive feedback are actively disengaged compared to 40% of those who are ignored.

It's no wonder there is a lot buzz around creating a culture of feedback. What is it? Why does it matter? How can you implement it in your organization organically and make it stick?

Join our speakers – HR Leaders who are implementing feedback cultures and innovators who are developing tech solutions - for a lively discussion on the fundamentals necessary for creating a Feedback Culture. As a bonus, we will end the meetup with a fun interactive exercise on culture mapping!

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