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Haskell talks at Airbnb!

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Come watch some great Haskell talks at Airbnb!

*NOTE:* You must RSVP here (password: "Belong!"):

- 6 Check-in, food + drinks
- 6:45 First talk
- 7:45 Second talk
- 8:30 Q&A, mingle time

Dave Fayram (SRE @ Google) will be speaking about how to achieve surprising "linear-like behavior" for sorting:

Ask any Silicon Valley interviewer, "What's the time complexity for sort?" They'll sip their interview lattes and say, "O(n log n), of course!" But there's a lot more to that story, and for Haskellers, the answer is, "Actually it's more like O(n), if we use Edward Kmett's library." This talk will focus on the basics of what a sort with "linear-like behavior" is, and show how to use Kmett's "Discrimination" library. That aside, we'll look at Kmett's contributions to the sorting space, starting with some of the beautiful abstractions under the covers of the library and why they make the library easier. We'll also briefly look at the foundation upon which this work is built, noting some of the contributions of Fritz Henglein & co, and why it works for nearly any data type in Haskell.

Avi Press (Software Engineer @ DotDashPay) will be giving an intro to parsing with megaparsec, specifically aimed to be easy to read, including for people coming from imperative languages.

More info on Avi's talk coming soon.

We will also be serving food and drinks 6pm. Please note, the talks will begin at 6:45pm, so be sure to arrive before then.

Note that you must be 21+ to attend.

Remember to RSVP here (password: "Belong!"):

We look forward to hosting you!