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This is a group for KNIME users or anyone interested to learn more about what KNIME is and can do with your data. We will have events focusing on application stories but will also have talks and discussions on KNIME and other projects integrating with or in KNIME - such as R, JFreeChart, and Weka to name just three. We will also bring in key KNIME developers regularly as well, so discussions on KNIME interna are also very welcome. If you have an interesting KNIME story to tell - please do contact us!

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Time Series Analysis Panel Discussion

Online event

We have managed to gather together the KNIME experts on Time Series Analysis. They have put together a great course, a number of webinars, and the related components for Time Series Analysis within KNIME Analytics Platform. Now it is your turn. If you have a question you always wanted to ask, take advantage of this great panel discussion on Time Series Analysis to do so! Here some example questions: - How do KNIME components work? - Do I need to resample my time series? - ARIMA or Machine Learning or maybe Deep Learning? - Which error metrics shall I use to evaluate my model? - What is the minimum size of the dataset? During this 90 minute panel, we’ll be accepting questions and topic suggestions from the audience. You can also send us your questions in advance - there’s an opportunity to do that when you register through zoom. Even if you don’t have questions, come listen to the other people’s questions. The panel: - Daniele Tonini (Contract Professor, Bocconi University) - Maarit Widman (Data Scientist, KNIME) - Corey Weisinger (Data Scientist, KNIME) Panel host: - Rosaria Silipo (Senior Data Scientist, KNIME)

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