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Nix: Talk and Hack

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Ian-Woo K.


Hi, Nix Lovers,

It's been a while since last meetup. We are starting Nix meetup this year again! We scheduled the first meeting of this year on Mar 2 at Takt!

We plan to arrange talks and a hacking session to address common issues when using Nix. It should be beginner-friendly, so do not hesitate to come and feel free ask any help from other Nix Lovers.

The following is the current planned seminar of the day:

Using Nix to improve Haskell and C++ development

by John Wiegley

After the talk, we will have a free-hacking session. Nix lovers are willing to share their skills with beginners.

See you all at the meeting!


p.s. We take application for lightning talks (~ 5 - 10 mins). If you share your new discovery or new contributions to nix ecosystem, please do not hesitate to contact the organizer.
35 Stillman Street · San Francisco, CA
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