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This is the meetup headquarters for the Bay Area chapter of the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP). This group is dedicated to bringing together the massive amount of Bay Area web application security talent and interest in the form of presentations, talks, conferences, and any other kind of get-together we want to come up with.

We're looking to facilitate all types of meetings between members, from formal conferences to little meetups at a Bay Area coffee shop. The key advantage of meetup.com is that we can benefit from the shared calendar, which is available via iCal, Google Calendar, etc.

We encourage you to get involved in every way possible. Recommend events, put together a local meetup at a coffee shop, restaurant, or bar, or put together a talk to present at one of these venues.

We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you at a local event!

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Hacker Days: Visualizing the Void of Security Audit Data

In this talk, Jake will discuss detection of three well-defined security problems – adversarial user behavior, lateral movement, and insider threat detection – using a relatively untapped data set: shell and session commands. He’ll discuss machine learning techniques needed to analyze this data, present key findings of our research, and describe the effects and mitigations of bias to achieve higher accuracy. Additionally, Jake will explore techniques for safeguarding ML models based on this data. Jake will also outline a number of the tools used to develop these findings, including methods for analyzing and visualizing massive datasets over billions of Linux audit events. He’ll cover advances in machine learning (ML) that you can leverage to gain meaning out of the data you throw into the lake. Speaker: Jake King, CEO & Co-Founder of Cmd, is a long-time security practitioner specializing in infrastructure security, primarily in cloud environments. Prior to starting Cmd, Jake managed the security program at social media giant Hootsuite where he experienced first-hand the risks pertaining to Linux systems at scale. Cmd was born out of these, and many other frustrations, quickly becoming one of the hottest startups in the cybersecurity space. Jake is a frequent speaker on the topic of Linux Security at BSides, MITRE, and other conferences, as well as an active member of the Vancouver cybersecurity community. An Australian native, Jake studied cyber forensics and information security management before relocating to Vancouver, Canada in 2013.

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