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OWASP Meetup - South Bay January 2019
Let's kick off the New Year with security courtesy of our host Chronicle. There will be three talks, food/drinks, and great people to meet. • 6:30 - Doors open • 7:00-7:30 - Securing G-Suite like a Pro (Rob Cerda) • 7:35-8:05 - Threat hunting with Virus Total (Cristina Munoz and Svetla Yankova) • 8:10-8:40 - Trust & The Internet of Things (Mrinal Wadhwa) • 8:40-9:00 - Networking Talk 1: Securing G-Suite like a Pro (Rob Cerda) G-Suite and GCP are growing platforms in organizations across companies, and with that growth come security issues and concerns from Drive, Gmail, and third party applications. In this talk, we’ll go over G-Suite security best practices and some of the biggest risks most organizations face. We’ll also address some easy to set settings and controls that will enhance the security posture of your G-Suite environment. Bio: Rob Cerda is a Senior Security Engineer at Netflix focused on Corporate and Enterprise Security. Prior to being in Security, he was a Systems Engineer, focusing on AD, G-Suite, and SaaS applications. Talk 2: Threat hunting with Virus Total (Cristina Munoz and Svetla Yankova) VirusTotal is a gold mine of information for the global cybersecurity threat landscape. Founded in 2004, VirusTotal has been the largest online malware repository for over a decade, with up to 1.5 million new files and 7 million potentially suspicious URLs submitted every day. In this session, we’ll share some insider tips and tricks to help you separate signal from the noise. We’ll then go through a few threat hunting scenarios, where a handful of patterns that threat actors use reveal adversarial network infrastructure and other juicy secrets. Bios: Cristina is a tools and infrastructure engineer at Chronicle Security, a cybersecurity company forged in Alphabet's moonshoot factory. Like a cat, she's had nine lives. In some of those previous lives, she penetration tested banking web applications, helped scale Dropbox's infrastructure, developed performance tooling for computational mathematicians, and analyzed the water quality of remote Andean communities. She is excited about the nexus of DevOps and security, and occasionally can be found popping reverse shells when no one is looking. Svetla leads Customer Experience Engineering at Chronicle Security. She’s your friendly Chronicle Librarian - for VirusTotal and beyond and responsible for sustainably scaling Chronicle’s customer-facing organization. Previously, she’s worked as a full-stack software engineer (but not a very good one), solutions consultant, pre-sales engineer and expert cat-herder. Her favorite past-time is mining VirusTotal data for threat actor slip ups. Talk 3: Trust & The Internet of Things (Mrinal Wadhwa) TBD Bio: Mrinal as CTO of ockam, is trying to make it easy to develop trusted device networks. The broad IoT ecosystem is heavily fragmented. A complex product lifecycle that involves several parties and the extreme resource constraints of typical low power wireless devices make it very challenging to deploy and defend IoT at scale. He is committed in creating a blockchain foundation, for connected devices, to provide the trust that is required for widespread adoption of reliable, autonomous, intelligent networks of machines that will change the world.

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