Speakers Session: Mixer [SAP Labs - Cafe 1]

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SAP Labs - Building 1 - Cafe

3410 Hillview Avenue · Palo Alto, CA

How to find us

Please use the parking lot in front of Building 1

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UPDATE: 2nd & 3rd speaker announced below!

This meetup will not have a narrow theme but rather a great mix of interesting topics in the field of OpenSource.

The Agenda

• 6:00PM - 6:30PM: Networking with Beer & Pizza

• 6:30PM - 7:00PM: How to Build a Strong Open Source Community

An open source project with open community goes beyond simply making code available for free. It offers a wider array of ideas. Users may be more loyal because they feel connected to the group, and individuals have the chance to affect the outcome. Life is breathed into a strong project by a strong community. How do you build one?

Taking the Apache Foundation process as an example, this talk will trace the steps in an open source project’s life from idea to incubator and on to maturity. The process requires community building, of both developers and users. The presentation will provide practical tips for growing and maintaining community as well as real world examples.

Ellen Friedman (@Ellen_Friedman (https://twitter.com/ellen_friedman)) is a solutions consultant, scientist and author, currently writing on open source and big data topics. She is co-author of Mahout in Action (Manning) and from O’Reilly the Practical Machine Learning series, Time Series Databases, and the newest title, Real World Hadoop. Ellen is an Apache Mahout committer, a contributor to Apache Drill and has a Ph.D. in biochemistry. She has been an invited speaker at Berlin Buzzwords, Strata + Hadoop World London, Big Data Everywhere Boston, Philly ETE 2014 and keynote speaker for NoSQL Matters 2014 in Barcelona. She’s also co-author of a book of magic-themed cartoons, A Rabbit Under the Hat.

• 7:00PM - 7:15PM: Q&A with Ellen

• 7:15PM - 7:45PM: Push databases: a better way to build real-time apps

Modern games, collaborative apps, and connected devices require sending data directly to the user in real-time. Web browsers support this via WebSockets, but adapting database systems still presents a huge engineering challenge. RethinkDB is an open source database for the real-time web. It has an exciting new access model -- instead of polling, the developer can tell RethinkDB to push updated query results to applications in real-time.
In this talk, we'll explain how the push access model lets developers build scalable real-time apps in a fraction of the time and engineering effort. We'll also show some of the basics of using RethinkDB including ReQL, RethinkDB's query language and change feeds, the ability to subscribe to changes in the database.

Jorge Silva (@thejsj (https://twitter.com/thejsj)) is developer evangelist at RethinkDB. In his current position, he blogs, speaks at conferences and meetups, hosts workshops, and does anything he can to help fellow developers. Prior to RethinkDB, he was a full-stack developer working mostly with JavaScript, Python, and PHP.

• 7:45PM - 8:00PM: Q&A with Jorge

• 8:00PM - 8:15PM: Lightning Talk: Building beautiful REST-APIs with Swagger

Building nice-to-use REST-APIs is crucial to get developers on your platform and to use your APIs. The open API specification language Swagger supports you at every stage of your development process, starting at the design phase and ending with the implementation of the API in any established language.

David Dornseifer is a Software Engineer at SAP Labs. He obtained his Master's degree in Information-Systems from Germany. He is developing software for over 12 years now, with a focus on distributed systems, event processing, databases and big-data applications.

• 8:15PM - 8:30PM: Final Networking

The Location (UPDATED)

The meet up will take place in the beautiful SAP campus in Palo Alto, more specifically in the Cafeteria of -Building 1-. Feel free to bring your laptops, we will provide seating and free WiFi.