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Want to discuss recent innovations and research in Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning? Are you a computational linguist, part of the R&D team at your company, or experimenting with a new deep learning architecture? Are you submitting a paper to NIPS or EMNLP? If the answer to any of these questions is 'yes', you should join this Meetup group!

Organized by the AI team at Mya Systems, this Meetup group is looking to bring together people testing and iterating novel approaches for potential applications in Artificial Intelligence. Come network, listen to what folks are working on, and learn from interactive sessions with experts in NLP & ML.

About Mya Systems:
Founded in 2012, Mya Systems brings deep learning and NLP expertise together to disrupt the recruiting operational model as we know it today. Mya Systems was named to CB Insights' AI 100 list for 2018. Venture backed by top-tier investors including Emergence Capital and Foundation Capital, Mya Systems has established itself as a leading AI solutions provider by automating outreach and communications with job candidates throughout the end-to-end recruiting process.

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