Fighting Cancer through UX Design!

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Fighting Cancer through UX Design!

A new design revolution is happening, but this time we are not designing pixels, bytes and electronics, but biology. In the rapidly growing field of nano science a new type of UX designer is using DNA to create intelligent nano machines such as DNA robots developed and programmed to kill cancer.

The BioNano research team at Autodesk is creating the UX Design tools to support a new generation of scientists/designers that will change the way we look at robots, health and the goal of eternal life. Malte Tinnus is a UX designer in the BioNano group at Autodesk. In his talk he will cover UX challenges at the nano scale, invincible robots and the joys of being a designer amidst passionate scientists.

Join us for a talk about synthetic biology, cancer fighting nano robots and UX challenges at the nano scale.

* Drinks and food provided