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835 Market St Ste 700 · San Francisco, CA

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Entrance is next to Westfield. The elevator might be locked, so just check with the guard at the front desk for access.

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There are two topics for tonight's meeting:

• Open Source Driving Simulator Project at ProspectSV

• The Good, The Bad and The Strange
Inversion-of-Control/Dependency Injection for Unity and C#

Open Source Driving Simulator Project at ProspectSV

A new non profit organization called "Prospect Silicon Valley" in San Jose will help startups and existing companies create and demonstrate innovations in:

• connected transportation & mobility

• smart buildings, devices and infrastructure

• energy systems

ProspectSV offers existing businesses and startups unique prototyping, demonstration and commercialization tools:

• a 23,000 ft facility in San Jose

• a testbed corridor with live traffic & data in North San Jose

• access to fleet vehicles, data feeds, buildings and programs in conjunction with the City of San Jose

The facility which will open late Spring 2014 has office, meeting room and conference space as well as ample high-bay configurable “garage/workshop”, a vehicle lift, an advanced driving simulation facility and a number of labs. More information about the live testbed corridor and telematics platforms will be available soon.

The driving simulator is one of the platforms intended to help develop and evaluate products in or around cars. This will include new types of user interfaces (voice, touch, gesture, augmented reality, etc.) as well as devices (cabin: center consoles, ie your Nav/Radio etc., driver state monitoring: cameras, biosensors, and advanced external sensors like infrared, radar etc.)

The Good, The Bad and The Strange

Making code "meet the spec” is the beginning of programming, not the end. In the fast-paced games industry, we’re often rushed to delivery, only to discover that what we’ve built is fragile: whenever we change anything, random parts start breaking. The culprit is interdependency: the tendency for individual parts of your code to start relying on each other.

StrangeIoC is here to help. Strange is a lean, simple micro-framework that uses dependency injection to minimize interdependency. By following a few rules, teams small or large can work together on a complex code base without fear of trampling on or breaking each other’s work. Strange frees you from constantly thinking about how to build the parts of your app, so you can focus on actually writing code. In addition, your Strangely flexible code becomes vastly easier to customize, simplifying deployment across platforms or for multiple clients.

Want to know how? Come find out how to make your team strangely efficient, your code strangely readable, and have a strange amount of fun doing it!