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For years I was a solo backpacker who frequently ventured solo into less frequented areas. A scare while doing so made me realize how vulnerable a solo hiker off trail is. I concluded that for safety and companionship particularly where any portion of the route is off established trails, I would prefer to hike with other backpackers. So I started this meetup in order to meet like-minded backpacking partners. Hiking with others also provides the environment to share about equipment and the hike location/route/geology/wildlife etc., preferably at breaks and in camp in order to maintain silence on the trail.

For this meetup group's purpose, the ideal backpacking group is up to four backpackers. Some destinations of interest are the High Sierra, Lost Coast, Henry Coe SP, Ventana/Los Padres, and Australia/New Zealand.

Group members are encouraged to organize their own trips. If wanted, the group organizers will provide suggestions for trips, including repeats of previous trips.

During the trip to Half Dome, Anna made the observation that hiking with experienced independent backpackers is very simple and is a lot of fun: travel and camp are simplified and the process of navigation decision making was simple because we all thought alike. This is not to say that we can't have fun with novice backpackers in the group - things will just work a little differently, and the novices will have learning opportunities.

Why small groups on trips? Since part of enjoying where I am hiking is hearing the sounds (or lack of them) where I am, small groups are quiet, hopefully saving extraneous chit chat for breaks and camp. Also small groups have a lower environmental impact and are self-organizing on the trail.

Trips that I organize will usually start Thursday and be two nights long. Leaving Thursday gets us out to the trailhead before the Friday crowds, and coming back Saturday avoids the Sunday traffic heading back home.

Those who organize their own trips of course can define a schedule that works for them. If I announce a trip starting Thursday and you would go if it started Friday/Saturday let me know - a shift to accommodate you may be workable.

While most of our trips will be backpacking trips, from time to time we may have a non-backpacking trip that includes some car camping and some significant hiking/exploring in a location of interest.

In addition to experienced backpackers, some group members are novice backpackers, who are welcome! However, some novices may require assistance on a trip. Since such assistance may impact the overall group's experience of the trip, at the trip leader's discretion, the number of novice backpackers on a trip may be limited.

I am allergic to cigarette smoke, so if I drive no smoking in the vehicle is permitted. If you are a smoker please let the other BAVSBGers know at the time they RSVP.

A note about liability. I have seen complex disclaimers on some meetup groups. Instead of a complex disclaimer, let's just understand that you are responsible for you - no other member of the group including myself and the trip leader is responsible for you and your actions. If you aren't comfortable with anything associated with the meetup it is up to you to take action to remove that discomfort and to let the group know you are taking that action - don't be shy about doing so. Further, backpacking entails risk - stuff happens and even on trips on well-traveled trails in easy terrain, injuries can occur. If you aren't sure about a trip's risks, discuss it with its organizer before RSVP'ing; it is understood that if you RSVP to a trip that you understand what is involved in the trip, that you agree to be responsible for yourself while on the trip, and that you absolve this meetup group's organizers and all trip organizers of any liability for any injury of any sort that you incur while participating in the trip (such participation begins when you meet another member of this group is who going on the trip, and ends when you are alone after the trip).

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Backpacking Loop from Kings Canyon Roads End 9/4 - 11, 8 days, 70 miles

Backpacking Loop from Kings Canyon Roads End 9/4 - 11, 8 days, 70 miles Have permits for an on-trail backpacking trip starting from Roads End / Lewis Creek Trailhead going northeast through Paradise Valley, to the JMT north to Pinchot Pass, on to Mather Pass and through the palisades down the 'golden staircase' to Middle Fork Kings River, then south to Horseshoe Creek, slowly up the Theodore Solomons trail to Doughtery / Granite Creek area, then back down to Roads End. The highest elevation for this trip will be 12,139 feet and half of it will be around 10,000 feet. Small group, moderate pace, and no big passes at the end of the day.

Emigrant Wilderness 4D/3N Backpacking Trip

Crabtree Trailhead

Looking to squeeze one more backpacking trip in before it gets too cold. May still be warm enough to take dip in those gorgeous Alpine Lakes. Below is the approximate route. This can be refined/modified based on group feedback. 24 miles, Elevation: ~2500 ft Friday (depart at CrabTree TH by 3pm): 3.8 miles to Bear Lake Saturday: 7.7 miles to Gem Lake Sunday: 7.2 miles to WHite Meadow Monday: 5.5 miles out to car and HOME I dont think permit will be an issue, but thinking group of 4-6ish works well in general. Carpool is always preferred. Start date/time can be adjusted depends on group schedule. Fee/cost will include the permit fee, and of course, carpool/gas/toll, and etc. Danny

Mt. Jefferson Area Central Oregon

Needs a location


This is another attempt at a trip that didn't happen last July. NOTE THAT THE TRIP START LOCATION WILL REQUIRE YOU TO EITHER DRIVE 560+ MILES FROM THE S.F. BAY AREA TO NORTH OF BEND, OREGON OR YOU CAN CHOOSE TO FLY INTO REDMOND, OREGON. IF YOU FLY I WILL PICK YOU UP AND DROP YOU OFF AT THE AIRPORT (SCHEDULES MUST BE COORDINATED!) PLEASE DO NOT RSVP IF YOU ARE NOT CLEAR ABOUT THE ABOVE OR IT DOES NOT WORK FOR YOU! EMAIL QUESTIONS ARE ENCOURAGED. Perhaps this slightly unusual trip will interest some of you. Mount Jefferson is the 2nd highest peak in Oregon, after Mt. Hood. This hike will start on the southwest side of the Mt. Jefferson Wilderness. This is on the west slope of the Cascade Range where the forest is amazingly lush. We will hike 2 miles to the Pamelia Lake permit only LEA (limited entry area). I have a permit for the trip dates for four people. On the second day we will explore Hunt's Cove and then head north partly via the PCT to scenic Jefferson Park, then exit at Olallie Lake. Since the elevations are lower than in the Sierra Nevada, hiking should be easier, emphasis on "should". Apparently bear canisters are not required, but I will verify that and update this description after doing so. This is a shuttle trip requiring 2 vehicles. One vehicle will be left at Olallie Lake for transport back to the other vehicle at the Pamelia Lake trail head. If a second vehicle won't be available, the trip will be modified to an overnight trip at Pamelia Lake; the un-used hiking time can be used to explore the greater Bend area. If a second vehicle is committed I will edit this description. We will start and end at or near my 2nd home in Terrebonne, Oregon, which for general location purposes is near Bend and the geographic center of Oregon. I will drive from there and can accommodate 2 others one of whom gets to ride in the back seat with my friendly dog who will be hiking with us. It is approximately 100 miles from the home to the trail head. If a second vehicle is committed my 4WD vehicle will be left at Olallie Lake because the road to it is rough. An easily obtained permit is required for the vehicle left at the Pamelia trail head. The trip is limited to 3 people including myself if a second vehicle isn't available. Maximum group size is 4 including myself (three people if a second vehicle isn't available); all RSVPs go on the wait list so I can discuss the trip with you. Do not make travel arrangements until you are confirmed for the trip. If you want to fly rather than drive to the area, I will pick you up and drop you off at the airport, Roberts Field in Redmond, Oregon which is about 20 miles from my home. Redmond is served by several airlines including United who have two non-stop flights daily from SFO. You will probably have to fly in the day before and leave the day after, in which case you can stay at my house where sleeping for all can be outside, in one of the many covered spaces, or depending upon the group size, in a bedroom. Don't make flight reservations until I confirm you for the trip. If others confirmed for the trip have made flight arrangements, I will encourage you to adjust your arrival time to minimize trips to the airport. I don't know about the availability of backpacking supplies in Redmond so you should plan for your pack to be ready to go when you arrive; items not needed for the backpack trip can be left at my house. Bend, about 20 miles away, will have plentiful supplies, but it is simpler to not make that extra trip. However, I will receive food and small items that you may prefer to ship rather than transport in your pack; please plan to leave none of that with me after the trip. The trip cost is to share the costs of gasoline and permits. If you are interested don't hesitate to ask questions.

John Muir Trail this summer?
Needs a date and time

Needs a location

Hi I'm planning to hike the full JMT this summer in July/August and am looking for friends, for all or part of the journey. LMK if interested!

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Start Kennedy Meadows to Relief Reservoir to Kennnedy Lake!

Kennedy Meadows Trailhead Parking Lot

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