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We believe that Learning statistics is a life changing event. It opens doors to data interpretations otherwise closed, lets us peek into the future,  and can change our world view as if standing on a giant's shoulder:  if you want to go far you need to see far.
Statistics is not about formulas but is a way of thinking; it is a way of deriving information from data.  Life if full of correlations and trends with causes and consequences; Today's business climate is data driven and knowing how to deal with the data is essential.  Examples include survey and experimental design; collection, processing, and the analytical interpretation of the end results in the fields of biotech, banking, government, and environmental sciences.  
We believe that the entrepreneur-minded statistician is motivated to ask meaningful questions and delve into real problems in search of solutions.  Is that you?  If so, this is the group for you where you can brainstorm and network.  It is a group for any statistician or analyst who wants to apply that knowledge as an entrepreneur and for those who find the field of statistics as fascinating as we do. 

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