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Hello everyone:

We're celebrating the Yahoo! Front End Summit 2011, which brings Yahoo! front end engineers from all around the world to Sunnyvale once a year, with a special two-night Bayjax event.

On the first night, we are planning on having an "open mic/lightning talk" session consisting on a few 15-20min short presentations.

On the second night(March 29th), Douglas Crockford and Steve Souders will make sure to entice the audience with full keynote presentations. (I will be posting the details about the event on a separate announcement).


When: March 28th[masked]:30pm-9:30pm

Where: Yahoo! Inc. HQ main cafe(URLS)

701 first ave

Sunnyvale, Ca


6pm-6:30pm Mingle/Pizza

6:30-6:50: David Calhoun(Y! Front End Engineer): Transcoder: The Web Developer's Swiss Army Knife - "Transcoder, a browser-based swiss army knife for web developers, powered mostly by JavaScript. Developers can paste in text or drop a file from their desktop and then transcode it to other formats. There's support for base64 encoding, URL encoding, html entities, and even minifiers such as jsmin and Closure Compiler. And just like a swiss army knife, it also has not-so-handy functions that are more of a novelty than anything: a QR code generator, md5 generator, zip, binary, and hex encoders and decoders."

6:50 - 7:10 : Max GoodMan(Javascript Engineer Meebo Inc.) : Playing in the Sandbox: How to Communicate Securely in Browser Extensions "In today's extensible browsers, writing JS in the browser to communicate with in-page scripts can involve a delicate dance of timing, security, and sandboxing. I'll share how Meebo's browser extensions control and communicate with our JS apps that run in-page, explaining the techniques we've used for extension detection, script sandboxing, and extension communication."

7:10 - 7:30: Reid Burke(YUI Team): Introducing the YUI Remote Loader Service "YUI's modular design gives you great performance by cutting down on unused code. In this introduction, see how YUI advances further by moving YUI Loader itself to the cloud, where it's faster and ready for its mobile future."

7:30 - 7:50 : Luke Smith(YUI Team) : More than you want to know about YUI 3 Custom Events "From DOM event wrappers to simple notifications to cross-YUI instance bubbling, queued, asynchronous, preventable logic wrapping events (inhale). And if that's not enough to fill the time, synthetic DOM events and non-event related AOP techniques using the same APIs. Bring a back up mind in case the first one gets blown."

8:20 - 8:40 : Stoyan Stefanov(Facebook) JavaScript is everywhere - part #42 "Previously on "JavaScript is everywhere":... server-side programming... mobile apps... desktop apps ... browser extensions... and, yes, even web page form validation. Now let's talk about Windows shell scripting and more specifically about web performance automation and regression monitoring. Firefox, IE, HTTPWatch and our hero JavaScript to glue them together."