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Double Feature: Talk on Plan9 & Evolute - Scaling Infrastructure with Layer 7
Details for this meeting are still under development. Check back for more details as they become available. ----- For June, we will have a double header: Ori Bernstein talking about Plan9 and Kristopher Francisco from Evolute. With the advancement of the enterprise cloud, from public cloud to the introduction of Internet Scale Containerization, enabling the next generation of large scale functions is critical to both infrastructure and application environments. These two lines, traditionally separated by technology constructs and organizational bounds is being further transcended as we move into the next generation of application and scalable architecture -- containers. This talk will explore the advancements of moving core infrastructure layer functions to their Layer 7 counterparts. With the innovation of infrastructure as code, this presentation will walk through not only the infrastructure dependencies in new cloud technologies (e.g. containers), but speak to how the enterprise can achieve the notion of automation, idempotence and ephemerality of workloads leveraging existing applications -- including their core functions responding to infrastructure and application changes. As we explore these advancements in infrastructure and application resiliency, we’ll cover native layer 3 architectures across cloud and operating system platforms, novel concepts allowing existing applications to be made resilient in a cloud environment and methodologies for improving software distribution, communication and availability in the Evolute platform. Time permitting we’ll introduce concepts regarding zero configuration security as well as trusted and simple methodologies for which operating system, network and applications can achieve increased reliability and protection at scale with respect to server hardening (securing the hypervisor layer), encryption and authorization at scale. Bio: Kristopher Francisco is revolutionizing cloud infrastructure as the Founder and technology lead at Evolute. He created new cloud architectures with the world’s most admired technology company (Apple) and the world’s largest technology challenge (Chevron). His contributions to open source (e.g., docker-stats) and other core projects power Evolute and are used throughout the industry. ----- BayLISA includes system and network administrators across a range of skill levels. BayLISA meets to discuss topics of interest to system administrators and managers. The meetings are free and open to the public. We always welcome presentation topics and volunteer speakers. Use the "Contact us" link on this page to get in touch with BayLISA's directors.

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BayLISA is the premiere system administration user group in Silicon Valley and the San Francisco Bay Area. Founded in the very early 90s after the fourth Large Installation System Administration (LISA) conference, BayLISA has supported and educated systems, network, storage, virtualization, and other technology professionals in the Bay Area for over 20 years.

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One way to put it is that there are many user groups, but we are the sysadmins group. BayLISA includes system and network administrators across a range of skill levels. BayLISA meets monthly to discuss topics of interest to administrators and managers of sites supporting more than 100 users and/or computers. The meetings are free and open to the public.

BayLISA grew out of an after-hours discussion among attendees of the USENIX LISA IV conference. The idea was to provide a forum for Sysadmin professionals in the San Francisco Bay area to get together and exchange ideas, hear speakers address topics of interest and most importantly, socialize.

BayLISA stands for: Bay Area Large Installation System Administrators

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