Stealing the Best Ideas from DevOps, with Tom Limoncelli

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Speaker: Tom Limoncelli, SRE Manager,

Stealing the Best Ideas from DevOps: A Guide for Situations without Developers
(also known as “the punk rock devops talk”)

Learn the foundational DevOps principles and apply them to love, life, losing weight, rolling out commercial software, onboarding new employees, and other situations that might not involve the traditional SRE tasks. A fun way to learn the Small Batches Principle, Minimum Viable Product Strategy, and The Three Ways of DevOps.


Tom is an internationally recognized author, speaker, system administrator, and DevOps advocate. His latest book, the 3rd edition of The Practice of System and Network Administration (, launched in November 2016. He is also known for The Practice of Cloud System Administration (, and Time Management for System Administrators (O'Reilly). He works in New York City at He's previously worked at Google, Bell Labs/Lucent, AT&T, and others. His blog is ( and he tweets @YesThatTom. He lives in New Jersey.

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