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Event Sourcing & Event Store with James Nugent

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James Nugent, one of the main contributors to Event Store, will be in San Francisco, and accepted to speak at Bay.NET! If you want to expand the way you think about data, this talk is for you.


Most people writing concurrent applications believe that shared mutable state is bad, so why do we all accept a huge pile of shared mutable state in our databases? As systems written in a reactive manner become more commonplace, so it's become more common to persist the state of systems as event logs, and replay them to rebuild state. In this talk we'll look at how you can query event streams both historically and continuously into the future, doing temporal correlation without a mess of subqueries. We will also look at how to bring functional reactive code to your data instead of taking the data to the code as most stream processing systems work.

The speaker

James Nugent is a software developer and consultant living in Bath, England, currently working on the open-source Event Store ( database, and is a connoisseur of cider and old guitars. You can find James on Twitter as @jen20 (


6:00 doors open (pizza and drinks)

6:30 announcements

6:45 - 8:15 presentation

8:15 - 8:30 raffle

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