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What we're about

PISOFIB (Past Is Sunk Only Future is Buildable)

We are a tech meetup. We organize Talks and Tutorials on Python 3.x We hope to become a thriving in-person community.

Who will benefit by joining?

People who can describe themselves in jest as Code Monkeys and have actually programmed in some language or other some time.

Who will find the talks and tutorials boring?

People who do not care for programming and logical thought.

How about newbies?

Some tutorials may address newbies. In general, the talks are for Code Monkeys planning to become APEs.

Our aim is to provide a forum for discussion of advanced programming techniques using Python in all its glory. You are welcome!

What is the difference between Talks and tutorials?

A talk is a presentation for 40 minutes followed by 20 minutes discussion. Opening your laptop during a talk is considered rude. Participation is restricted to 65. Talks are free for members who paid the annual membership fee and others will be charged $5.

A tutorial is by an APE willing to look into others' laptops conversing with them for two hours on the advanced topic announced. For obvious reasons the Participation is restricted to 6 or 5. APE's choice. Members who paid the annual membership fee can attend any tutorial free. Others pay full price.

We emphasize rigor and PC (Political Correctness) in dealing with humans as well as PC (Program Correctness) in dealing with machines.

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