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Hello, and welcome to BayScrum, a Scrum discussion and action group based in the San Francisco Bay Area, California. This group is for local people interested in practicing Scrum and exploring its significance and applicability in the world.

An important aspect of BayScrum will be to investigate the potential of Scrum beyond the confines of its software development roots and find ways to take it into new industries. This group is primarily focused on Scrum as a framework for transformation; it is not a software-specific group.

BayScrum will have regular meetings in the Bay Area, which will be self-funded and self-organized. You are encouraged to attend and become actively involved in the organization, contributing time, ideas, and practical help. Notices of events will be posted here.

Tobias Mayer

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Increasing Engagement in Agile Environments

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Can You Rephrase That Without Using the Word "Agile"?

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What Makes a Great Product Owner

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Transformation Playbook: Driving Organizational Change

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