Developments in Artificial Intelligence for Autonomous Vehicles

Bay Vision - Computer Vision, DL & AI in the Bay Area
Bay Vision - Computer Vision, DL & AI in the Bay Area
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Sunnyvale Community Center

550 E Remington Dr · Sunnyvale, CA

How to find us

Entrance is from Manet Drive. We will be in the Recreation Center (see map in meetup photos)

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Our 1st meeting will include 2 expert speakers - Modar Alaoui, Founder and CEO at Eyeris, and Abhijit Thatte, AEye's new VP of Software - who will both talk about recent developments in Artificial Intelligence for Autonomous Vehicles.

18:00-18:30 Arrival and mingling
18:30-18:40 Opening words by Ron Soferman, CEO of RSIP Vision, the Meetup sponsors.
18:40-19:10 Modar Alaoui, Founder and CEO at Eyeris
19:15-19:45 Abhijit Thatte, AEye's new VP of Software
19:45-20:00 Q&A

Lecture details:

1st speaker: Modar Alaoui
In-Vehicle Scene Understanding AI Enabled with Automotive-grade AI Chip.

This session covers the latest advancements and advantages of inferencing a portfolio of vision AI neural networks in real-time from multiple cameras on an automotive-grade custom ASIC inside autonomous and highly automated vehicles. Enabling new real-world use cases for enhanced safety and optimized comfort, this session will further cover how this next generation of AI chips will enable efficient inference capable of generating new types of data and monetization models in this third living space.

About Modar Alaoui:
Modar is a technologist entrepreneur and expert in vision AI for human
behavior understanding, modeling and prediction. He is currently the
founder and CEO of Eyeris, the worldwide pioneer and leader of In-
vehicle Scene Understanding (ISU) AI inside autonomous and Highly
Automated Vehicles (HAVs).
Modar graduated from Concordia University Montréal, with a
concentration on Human Behavior Understanding (HBU) using artificial
intelligence technologies. He combines over a decade of experience in
computer vision and applied human-centric AI for a wide range of
enterprise applications. His work focuses on bridging human-machine
interaction with predictive invisible interfaces through body, face, object
and surface understanding AI. He is a frequent speaker and keynoter on
“human-centric ambient intelligence” as the next frontier in AI. Modar is a
winner of several technology and innovation awards and has been

featured on Bloomberg, the Wall Street Journal, Time magazine, CNBC
and many major international media publications spanning over 12
different languages for his work.
You can read about Eyeris at:

2nd speaker: Abhijit Thatte
Perception of 3D point clouds using deep learning
This presentation will focus on a comparison of multiple deep neural network
architectures for perception of 3D point clouds. It will cover architectural overview, training,
validation, speed, accuracy, hardware requirements etc. It will highlight how the low level
perception plays into high level scene understanding, behavior prediction and control.

Abhijit Thatte is AEye's new VP of Software.
You can read about AEye at: