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Open to all 21+ who want to grow personal cannabis in the Massachusetts. We respectfully ask that you only participate as an individual growers.

The purpose BayState Homegrown meetup group / club is to learn from each other by sharing our growing / cultivating strategies, tools, successes and failures. We also share clones, seeds, pollen, flowers, etc … Among other things, it helps to reduce our dependency on for-profit pharmaceuticals, the black market created by prohibition, and the commercial cannabis industry.

"Giving away or otherwise transferring without remuneration up to 1 ounce of marijuana, except that not more than 5 grams of marijuana may be in the form of marijuana concentrate, to a person 21 years of age or older, as long as the transfer is not advertised or promoted to the public."

It is uncertain if this meetup would be considered Public, so do not post comments what you have to share or trade). Although, it seems that you should be able to use Meetup's private messaging.

Don't engage in discussion of sales of any cannabis products period, whether medical or black market or whatever. Let's only grow and gift personal cannabis here, always staying within the boundaries of Massachusetts state law.

This is not a public forum, but remember that it isn't totally private either. Guidelines for both our in-person meetings and online discussion * Think carefully before sharing any information with anyone in the group, whether online or at an in-person meetup. Build trust, and never overshare.

* Be a good listener (especially when you're stoned and prone to rambling!). Give individuals the space to ask questions or share knowledge, even if they might not feel comfortable speaking up first in a group setting.

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BSHG Meet & Share - Thursday Jan 13th

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