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Hi! This group is aimed at folks who want hard played, "medium intermediate" fun games. While we also enjoy the sun, sand and social aspects of beach volleyball, our players are generally there to exercise and focus on getting the most of their game experience. We're not over competitive, but the expectation is for hard played, hustling games played to the bump-set-spike standard. (Spikes don't have to dig a hole in the ground)! You should be able to get to the ball, pass and set with good accuracy and spike the ball into the opposing court. Our meetup is not really aimed at beginners or low intermediate players looking to improve their game by playing with higher level, nor is it really a 'party volleyball' game. We save that for postgame, as several local restaurants/pubs can confirm!


By accepting RSVP to Events You, and no one else, are 100% responsible for your safety at all times. Your attendance signifies you, your family, friends and heirs agree to hold harmless this Meetup group, it's organizers and the property on which this group is held for any injuries to your person or property that may occur.


1. SPORTSMANSHIP: Good sportsmanship and friendly attitudes are a must from each member, and essential to this group being a fun place to be. We don't care who's hot and who's not, we just want to enjoy the sunshine and exercise with good people. So if you choose to be verbally abusive or excessively rude towards event organizers or other members, you will be immediately be removed from the group and you will not be given a membership refund.

2. ATTENDANCE: In order to be courteous towards other volleyball groups on the sand, we cannot save a bunch of courts only to have everyone showing up late. Thus, you MUST RSVP for each meetup you plan on attending so we know exactly how many courts we need. Attendance will be taken at each meetup and if you arrive unreasonably late (15 minutes or more), or don't show up at all, you will receive a "no-show" on your attendance history. 3 or more no-shows in a one year period will result in your membership in the group being removed without a membership fee refund. If you can't make it to a meetup last minute, change your RSVP BEFORE the meetup is schedule to start. This way if there is a waiting list for that event, then someone else will have a chance to come out and play.

3. MEMBERSHIP DUES: In order to purchase group equipment and pay meetup.com fees, our group has a $15 yearly membership fee per person. Your dues must be paid in order to attend our meetup events. Special events such as instructional courses, physical training, and tournaments will typically have an additional fee which you will also need to pay when you RSVP for the event.

4. CBVA/AVP GAME RULES: These rules will be enforced in all games. If you don’t know the rules, we are happy to explain them to you when you come to a meetup, or you can google videos that explain the rules.

5. No drama please. Harassment/stalking of other players will not be tolerated.

6. Suggestions on improvements or changes in procedures/games are always welcomed and listened to with an open mind. However, all such decisions are at the discretion of BV management. Keep in mind that our rules are there for a reason and have been subject to trial and error over thousands of events. No one needs to make their case more than once!

7. EVENT DESCRIPTIONS: Some meetups will be targeted to a specific skill level range. Please only attend if you really do fit that skill level.

8. VOLUNTEERING: We need a lot of help with holding courts, setting up equipment, and cleaning up equipment. If every active member offered to help once or twice a month, running the group would be a cake walk. Please email me with your availability, and when you RSVP for a meetup you can offer to help the event organizers in the comments section.

9. ROLE OF ORGANIZERS: The role of organizers is to set up for the games, close up and on rare occasions make sure the games are flowing neatly and courts are being utilized to the maximum. The organizers are all unpaid volunteers and are there to play as much as anyone. Verbal abuse of organizers is not tolerated and arguing with organizers means we'll review your membership. Basically, if a player is causing an inordinate amount of organizer time and effort, it's a sign that Beachin' VB is not a good fit for either side and player membership will be terminated.

10. Beachin' VB will refund member fees and terminate membership of players at organizer discretion if the organizers determine they are not a good fit for group standards for games (solid intermediate play, playing to bump-set-spike standard, not hustling, not playing position properly).



Players who have been recently introduced to beach volleyball or have little ball control (50%). May have taken a beginner or low-intermediate beach volleyball class. Play recreational volleyball but rarely in tournaments before. The games will be 3x3 or 4x4.


Have some volleyball experience and may have taken an intermediate beach volleyball class. Can pass and set with some control (75%) and can serve overhand but still working on consistency and competitive level. Could do well in or win a Division 3 VBVentures tournament. Better at 3's or 4's than they are at 2's!


Players who can play a fast competitive 2x2 game with good solid ball control: passing, setting, and hitting consistently (90%). Have moved from basic skills to defensive strategy, shot-making, hitting, and blocking. May have taken high-intermediate or advanced volleyball classes.


These are the players who know exactly how good they are because they have done well in competitions. Have EXCELLENT ball control (95%), and can almost always control their hits, sets, passes and overhand serves. Can BLOCK and dig hard driven balls, understands defense, can hand set with little or no ball rotation. Has a wide variety of control shots. MUST HAVE A SOLID ALL AROUND GAME TO QUALIFY!!

Again, this group is about growing your volleyball skills, enjoying the beach, meeting & socializing with group members and ALWAYS about having healthy (and sometimes competitive) FUN! Thank you for being a part of this long-lasting group, and we can't wait to get to know you and play some good games.

See you on the sand!


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