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Our time is divided between Melbourne, Fl and Franklin, NC so we serve both areas as well as online. This group is for anyone interested in mindbody fitness. We offer a wide range of tai chi and qigong classes that are suitable for the health challenged as well as the seasoned athlete. Whether you're new to these types of exercises or have practiced before, there is something in our class offerings that will suit your needs. Our teachers are certified and experienced so you get professional instruction for maximum benefit.
Having been around for thousands of years, these slow motion therapies have stood the test of time. Not a fitness fad, tai chi and qigong are heavily researched and endorsed by the Mayo Clinic, Arthritis Foundation, Harvard Health, the Centers for Disease Control, Dr. Oz, Dr. Andrew Weil and numerous other respected global health organizations. All the research shows that if you practice, you will benefit not only in numerous areas of physical health but also mental health as well. In fact, the Veterans Administration now endorses qigong for the management of PTSD. There is virtually no chance of injury from engaging in the chi arts making them the most beneficial forms of exercise on the planet. Our outdoor classes are all by donation so you have nothing to loss by coming to check it out.
Most classes are led by certified instructor ShiFu Lea Williamson who has over 20 years of chi arts training and over 10 years of teaching experience. You will become a chi lover from your first session! You can find out more detailed information about each class on our website: www.BeachsideQigong.com. Here you can find general information on qigong and tai chi, individual class descriptions, view training videos and see loads of photos from our past sessions. Looking forward to practicing with you soon!

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Qigong with breath work: Yi Jin Ching + Wuji Walking

Ryckman Park


Want more strength, better balance, improved flexibility and immune boosting exercise that classifies as evidence-based healing? Yi Jin Ching is a classic qigong set that does all this AND also utilizes specific breath work. It is a rich and complex set from the revered 6th century master Bodhidarma or DaMo. More information can be found at: www.BeachsideQigong.com/class-descriptions.

We do light warm-ups, then practice all 18 postures of this very structured (yang) set. Of all the qigong I know, I choose to do this practice every single day because it’s the most concise, complete qigong routine I’ve ever found, giving me everything I desire from both working out and meditating. It restructures fascia, creates better respiration and when following the official prescription for this set, it has been known to make warriors virtually invincible.

Then we move to a non-structured (yin) form of qigong often reserved for master-level practice: Wuji Walking. Wuji helps us loosen up and let go of some of our rigid structures and move into a creative and aware flow that’s just right for freeing the mind and lightening the body. Everyone I’ve ever taught loves Wuji and the freedom of mindbody it imparts. This practice is also described in more detail on the website above.

$10/class or $65/month for unlimited classes on the weekly schedule. We meet outside under the oaks in Ryckman Park, on the river in Melbourne Beach.

Qigong is the world's foremost longevity exercise. It pre-dates tai chi by centuries and at this price it's affordable health care at it's finest. Looking forward to seeing you there!

Qigong, Breath Work & Tai Chi Saturdays in Gleason Park, Indian Harbor Beach

W Lansing Gleason Park


9:00-9:45am Qigong & Breath Work
10:00-11:00 Tai Chi 1
11:15-12:15 Tai Chi 2

$10/class; OUTDOORS in Gleason Park, Indian Harbor Beach, rain or shine

The stretching benefits of yoga + the focus of meditation + the aerobic health of cardio workouts. Beginner friendly class that's not straining and works for all who do it! Improves core strength, reduces cellular oxidation, alleviates stress, boosts immunity, heals respiratory ailments, quiets anxiety and depression. Qigong is used throughout the world by athletes, veterans, seniors and those seeking smarter than hard exercise options.

Sessions will include warm ups, moving qigong exercises, breath work exercises and cool downs. Each session is different and led by certified instructor Lea Williamson. For more info on qigong, tai chi or instructor, visit www.BeachsideQigong.com.

10:00-11:00 TAI CHI 1
Basic, beginner class covering 6 basic principles of Tai Chi while learning 21 movement, flowing tai chi routine. Easily combine this class with the 9:00 Qigong class. More info on website.

11:15-12:15 TAI CHI 2
For those who know Tai Chi 1 and are ready for more advanced training with more complex movements, deeper connection to breath and more internal chi development. Participants have the opportunity to further their understanding by leading the group in some of the basic exercises. More on website.

Let's chi-fully spend some Saturdays together doing things that heal humans: gentle movement, breath work in fresh air, joining with others to explore more of ourselves. Hope to see you there!

Tai Chi 1 outside in Gleason Park - RESUMES JANUARY 8

W Lansing Gleason Park



9:00-9:45AM, Qigong & Breath Work
10:00-11:00AM, Tai Chi 1
11:15-12:15, Tai Chi 2

TAI CHI 1: This beginner friendly class is one of the easiest ways to learn tai chi. Just come and follow along with the day’s lesson and in no time you’ll have learned the whole tai chi routine!

WE MEET OUTSIDE on the north side of the lake closest gazebo to the traffic light on S. Patrick Dr and Yacht Club Blvd. Dress weather appropriate. We meet in the gazebo when it rains.

Tai Chi is known by several names: Moving Meditation, Shadow Boxing, The Grand Ultimate Exercise. Regular practice of Tai Chi imparts numerous documented mind and body health benefits including: better sleep, improved immune functions, balance and fall prevention, clearer thoughts and focus, greater endurance, STRESS REDUCTION, reduced depression/anxiety, a sense of calm belonging in the world-who doesn’t want that?! These are just a few of the benefits these relaxing, gentle work outs give us, but there’s so much more to tai chi than meets the eye. The only way to really get all the benefits and feel better is to actually DO tai chi!

The hardest part of this relaxing mindbody exercise is learning it. In this easy to follow, flow format, you’ll get everything you need to have your own chi cultivation mindbody mediation practice to take with you wherever you go: beach, home, work, mountains, desert, or gypsy caravan. ;) Warm-ups, review flow of form, detail a new movement each session, cool downs.

9:00-9:45 Qigong class is very beneficial to combine with Tai Chi 1. Qigong and Tai Chi impart slightly different mindbody benefits and when practiced together create generate enormous internal healing power.

Lea Williamson is a professional tai chi instructor with over a decade of teaching experience, board certified from the international Tai Chi for Health Institute to lead this class and attends professional programs to update to her training at least every two years, usually yearly.

To sign up for the free chi-newsletter, see the full class schedule or just get more information: www.BeachsideQigong.com

Golden Dragon Medical Qigong Series - STARTS 1/22/22



6 Week Series starts Saturday, January 22, 2:30-4:00pm
In person at Blissful.Energy, 240 S. Wickham Rd, Melbourne, FL

Take one class or entire series.

Golden Dragon Medical Qigong

Jan 22: Overview of 10 Basic Exercises

Jan 29: Recommendations for Anger/Depression/Liver Healing (exercises, food healing and meditations) + Qigong Theory

Feb 5: Recommendations for Heart Disease (1st half) and Chronic Fatigue (2nd half) (exercises, food healing and meditations)

Feb 12: Recommendations for Lowering Blood Pressure (1st half) and Thyroid Balancing (2nd half) (exercises, food healing & meditations)

Feb 19: Recommendations for Back Pain (1st half) and Fibromyalgia (2nd half) (exercises, food healing & meditations)

Feb 26: Recommendations for Headache/Migraines & Eye Healing Protocol (exercises, food healing & meditations)

Each class session includes: Downloadable PDFs of entire protocol, Recording of live class session, 20 minute exercise protocol practice video TOTALLING: 11 PDFs & 17 Videos for at home reference!

For ALL the detailed info go here: www.BeachsideQigong.com/class-descriptions

TO REGISTER AND PAY: www.BeachsideQigong.com/online-store

Medical disclaimer: These practices are not remedies for these ailments and are only 1 part of Medical Qigong Healing which also includes chi transmission from a qualified practitioner. Please consult your health care provider if you have a serious medical condition.

All Qigong is medical because it affects the health and well-being of our mindbody. That being said, medical qigong consists of particular recommendations or “prescriptions” that follow a specific alchemical process assisting with the ailment it is being used for. Medical qigong consists of physical exercises and meditations done in a specific order and for a certain amount of time-just like taking a pill is done at a certain dosage a certain number of times. Prescriptions that are followed and taken as recommended typically work much better than those who directions are not adhered to. It’s the same with moving and meditative remedies. Medical qigong also is a type of treatment done by a qualified practitioner who, through training, can transmit and transmute various forms of energy/chi in the mindbody. This is offered as part of the $50 package - Entire 6 week series + 1 private medical qigong session. This can be done in person in or via distance (I offer Zoom or phone sessions). Private session to be scheduled individually.

​You can take the entire series ($99), take one class ($20), or get the most benefit with Entire Series + 1 private medical qigong session ($150). It’s most beneficial if not taking the whole series to take Week 2 (because it has all the info on theory) and the one the specifically applies to you.

Seating is limited in this beautiful space. Pay in the online store to reserve your spot: www.BeachsideQigong.com/online-store

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Golden Dragon Medical Qigong Series - STARTS 1/22/22



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