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We are FaB, Fashion and BeautyTech community. We are a fast growing global movement. Now 2500+ founders and funders in Europe Asia and America. California is the motherland of Beauty, with engaged communities and new trends in products, services and brands. In the Silicon Valley, talents come from all over the world to disrupt the industry, drive change, and have an impact in people's life : from computer vision, AI, augmented reality, all tech trends and skills come from the Bay. You're the next market place for Korean cosmetic brands? You're obsessed by organic products or the microbiome trend in skincare? You are data analytics driven? You have built an engaged community? You're hosted by an incubator, in seed/early stage or already have raised fundings in series A, you generate revenues and want to better connect with corporations/partners?
This meet up in San Francisco is for you: talks by leaders/founders/experts and investors/ Venture Capitalists to think about what's next (tech trends, business models). This is about learning and also networking... B2B/Saas/ Data solutions and Direct-to-consumer startups.
We are purpose and data-driven founders and funders. We have amazing local chapter leaders connected to their local ecosystem. Join the conversation! And don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter FaB Fashion and BeautyTech community to be informed about next events.

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