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We truly believe that successful networking will elevate your business growth and your net worth; With knowledge and strategies you can do well in real Estate! The idea is that we meet as investors weekly on-line (up to 6 times per week -optional) to build strong personal connections. We meet regularly to network and build a community of like minded individuals. This fosters new connections and possible deals for those that might be ready. We also conduct live property tours weekly that will help you get exposure to actual deals and the ability to ask questions and see how others are doing it. This group believes that education and a community are the path to making money in real estate investing. Each meeting allows members to share deals and opportunities with the group, network with each other, and learn from experts who are successful as well as sponsoring guest speakers from across the country. Come network with like minded individuals who are just getting started or wholesalers, fix & flippers, lease contract, seller financing, landlords, Investors, agents, lenders, brokers, money partners, joint ventures partners, note holders, entrepreneurs and everyone in between.

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Tuesday is Now Deal Day!

Online event

Tuesday Deal Days!

If you are a real estate investor and you are either just starting out or someone that has been doing this for a long time, the challenge is the same. How do I find good deals?
See how the experienced are sourcing deals!
Can you afford to take an hour out of your evening on Tuesday and see how we find deals, analyze deals and create multiple exit strategies to ensure maximum returns?

My wife Lesley and I are doing this and we loving doing it and in addition to that we are proof that it works!

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We've met so many amazing people and created great partners as we grow together.

You’ve heard knowledge is power, but the true power comes through the application of that knowledge. In this workshop you will hear how others have applied what they learned. Great investors gather with like-minded people to stay up to date on current trends, discuss how others are creating their portfolios by implementing in what they’ve learned, and staying motivated by seeing the success of others. This is your time to collaborate and discuss the possibilities that are now yours as you expand your learning, network with other participants, and broaden your view of what is possible in your market or across the nation.

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-Ken & Lesley-

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