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Intro to Hydroponics Class : Learn the future of growing your own food Introduction to Hydroponics: Grow your own, Herbs, Fruits, and Vegetables Build in class will follow, check the calendar for the next Build-in Class ( Come Learn the new and exciting innovations in Hydroponics. Hydroponic Gardening is Simple and Easy Hydroponics is basically growing plants without soil. It is a more efficient way to provide food and water to your plants. Plants don’t use soil – they use the food and water that are in the soil. Soil’s function is to supply plants nutrients and to anchor the plants’ roots. In a hydroponic garden, you provide your plants with a complete nutrient formula and an inert growing medium to anchor your plants’ roots so they have easier access to the food and water. Arduino integration - look down below for more info (This allows automation and fine tuning for maximum growth results) This intro class is to inform you of all the types of systems and how to get started into hydroponics in your own house. This class will use hands on activities to get you excited about growing your own fresh food. The topics will vary based on each classes members and specific needs but can include the following topics: • Advantages of Hydroponic Growing • Hydroponic system types - 6 main types and how you can combine them. • Hydroponic components - Growing lights, Growing media, Growing tents.. etc • Pumps and irrigation • Tents and Tarps • Pots and containers • Water Filtration • Automation via Arduino The advantages of hydroponic gardening: With hydroponics, plants are able to thrive, producing more flavorful and abundant yields. The elimination of soil eradicates soil-borne disease. Water is delivered to the plant more efficiently, and none is diverted to nearby weeds. Plants can be grown in closer proximity than with traditional field-grown methods. A small indoor garden can be cultivated year-round, yielding produce with higher nutritional value than soil-based crops. Once you learn the basics in this class come in for the Build-in class, Bring your own materials and build your new Hydroponic system to take home and begin growing ! Arduino integration - Automation using the Micro Controller known as an arduino Build your own hydroponic monitor and control systems! Use Arduino to make your own LED Light Array, Temperature and Humidity Monitor, Fan Controllers, pH meters, EC meters, Water Tank Systems, Sprinklers and much more. Whatever you want to monitor and control with an Arduino, you can make it! Follow our tutorials and create your own hydroponic devices. Check the Meetup class schedule for the next Hydroponic Build-in (

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