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We are group of Berlin-/Brandenburg-based enthusiastic Bayesians that meet on a monthly basis and learn more about Bayesian approaches to data analysis, machine learning and statistics. For past meet-ups and related material, like case studies or slides, check out https://ermeel86.github.io/meetups/stan/ind... (https://ermeel86.github.io/meetups/stan/index.html)

Join our Slack workspace: https://join.slack.com/t/berlinbayesians/sh... (https://join.slack.com/t/berlinbayesians/shared_invite/enQtNTMyODA2MjE0MDY0LTk2OTgwNmJlMWIzYzMzMzEyNTlkYmY0MDFlZmUwYTllOWYyMTlkNDU3YzFiNDkzNjQwMmMxYjg1YzQxYTcyNjM)


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Reading Club: Hierarchical models and Exchangeability

In this session, we'll take a look at hierarchical models, exchangeability and an analysis of conjugate hierarchical models. Relevant reading: Bayesian Data Analysis chapter 5.1 - 5.3. We meet around every two weeks, usually to discuss the book Bayesian Data Analysis. At each meeting, we discuss the section and some people present some of their exercise solutions or relevant/interesting examples. You can also join if you haven't been to previous meetings, we usually present some of the examples that should be accessible even without having read the chapter. However, you'll probably get more out of the meeting if you've read the section to be discussed beforehand. For more information check our Slack channel https://join.slack.com/t/berlinbayesians/shared_invite/enQtNTMyODA2MjE0MDY0LTk2OTgwNmJlMWIzYzMzMzEyNTlkYmY0MDFlZmUwYTllOWYyMTlkNDU3YzFiNDkzNjQwMmMxYjg1YzQxYTcyNjM Some of the past exercises are written up here: https://github.com/stappit/bayesian-data-analysis/

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