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This group is for software developers and researchers interested in understanding and applying latest research in natural language processing.

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Scalable NLP & Speech Analytics with NVIDIA GPUs

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Larry Brown from NVIDIA will present online on July 6, on Scalable NLP & Speech Analytics with NVIDIA GPUs.

His talk will start with context on Human Language Technologies and Conversational AI and a brief recap-overview of Transformer models versus convolutional models. Larry will present the "Transformer engine", which is part of the latest NVIDIA GPU architecture called Hopper, designed to accelerate training and inference, with a digression into how GPUs are different architecturally from CPUs. Larry will present NVIDIA software tools and pretrained models (all free, some are open source) for speech and language translation, and discuss a couple of speech/NLP use cases:
* accelerating automated speech recognition (ASR) or speech to text.
* using BERT models as recommenders to match data products to requirements.

Bio: Larry Brown is a Sr. Manager on the NVIDIA Public Sector SA team which helps customers design and deploy GPU accelerated workflows in high performance computing, data analytics and deep learning. Larry has over 20 years of experience designing, implementing and supporting a variety of advanced software and hardware systems for defense and national security applications. He has a Ph.D. from the Johns Hopkins University in the area of Vision Science and a graduate certificate in Software Engineering from the University of Colorado.

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