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What we’re about

🖖 Welcome to the Open NLP Group!
It’s about open source projects on natural language processing.
It’s open to people with all kinds of backgrounds: students, industry, …
It’s open access: watch the livestream from everywhere, join us on-site if the situation permits or check out the recording made available after the event.
And last but not least, the Open NLP Group is more than high-quality talks from industry and research perspectives. It’s also the place to discuss with NLP enthusiasts, connect with peers, get ideas on how to integrate NLP techniques into your applications, …

📣 Past Speakers

  • David Tippett (Senior Developer Advocate @ OpenSearch)
  • Bilge Yücel (Developer Advocate @ deepset)
  • Mary Grygleski (Senior Developer Advocate @ DataStax)
  • Bogdan Kostić (Master student @ BHT and former Machine Learning Engineer @ deepset)
  • Kashif Rasul
  • Samuel Shapley (Data Analyst @Teya)
  • Tuana Çelik (Developer Advocate @ deepset)
  • Sebastian Ruder (Senior Research Scientist @ Google)
  • Karel Haerens (Machine Learning Engineer @ ML6)
  • Merve Noyan (Developer Advocacy Engineer @ Hugging Face)
  • Kacper Łukawski (Developer Advocate @ Qdrant)
  • Marty Oelschläger (Machine Learning Scientist @ dida)
  • Sara Zanzottera (NLP engineer @ deepset)
  • Nils Reimers (Director of Machine Learning @
  • Matthias Richter (Machine Learning Engineer @ ML6)
  • Max Callaghan (Postdoc @ Mercator Research Institute on Global Commons and Climate Change)
  • Vladimir Blagojevic (Long-time open-source contributor and recently joined Senior Software Engineer @ deepset)
  • Betty van Aken (PhD Student @ BHT)
  • Michel Bartels (NLP Engineering Intern @ deepset)
  • Sophia Althammer (PhD student @ TU Vienna)
  • Max Irwin (Managing Consultant @ OpenSource Connections)
  • Dmitry Kan (Principal AI Scientist @ Silo AI)
  • Vincent Warmerdam (Research Advocate @ Rasa)
  • Stefan Decker (Freelance Data Scientist)
  • Nandan Thakur (PhD Candidate @ University of Waterloo)
  • Branden Chan (Machine Learning Engineer @ deepset)

📚 Resources