What we're about

This is a group for anyone interested in 'BIG DATA' and 'The Internet of Things'. If you're in IT then chances are you're working with some form of data and possibly Big Data.

We have rebranded from "Data Science Adelaide" to "Big Data Adelaide" to cover a range of areas for anyone working with Data. So if you deal with something generally related to converting data into useful insights then you will hopefully benefit from joining the group.

Whether you’re in business, academia, government or health and whether you’re an analyst, data miner, programmer, student, electrical engineer, computer scientist, physicist, etc, and you work with data to generate insights, build predictive models, build optimisation models, build reports / dashboards / visualisations, automate analyses, etc, using python, R, SQL, C/C+, Java, Excel, Hadoop, etc, and you care about doing it right, efficiently, repetitively, optimally, visually, etc, then join us!

We plan to meet up every month or so. The meetups will probably take the format of knowledge exchange, where speakers will tell us about their tools/techniques/experience/mistakes - to hopefully introduce new ideas and technology that others can add to their toolbox.

We will also have speakers from VC, Government and something different thrown in now and then to make it exciting.

There will generally be Pizza and some form of tasty beverage with a small donation to cover costs. A venue will be notified soon, and we plan on holding an event by mid-October.

(Most of this description is borrowed from Data Science Melbourne, we couldn’t say it better ourselves!)

Past events (8)

The Internet of Things and Real Time Analytics with Influx

University of South Australia (City West Library)

Leveraging Big Data & Data Science

The University of Adelaide (Ingkarni Wardli Building, Level 7)

Apache Spark for BI & Data Science

University of South Australia (City West Library)

Introduction to Apache Cassandra (NoSQL) and Adaptive Business Intelligence

University of South Australia (City West Library)