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When I first entered the world of Big Data as an engineer, I didn’t realize what an enormous technological challenges I will be facing. As time went by, despite my experience, I’m still struggling to keep up with new technologies, frameworks and architectures.

Consequently, I created this meetup, detailing all the challenges of Big Data, especially in a cloud environment . I am using AWS, GCP and Data Center infrastructure to answer the technical questions of anyone navigating their way in the big data world.

In this meetup we will try to answer questions regarding: big data best practice, data science, data engineering, BI, how to manage costs, performance tips, security tips and Cloud best practices.

We shall present lecturers working on several cloud vendors, various technologies and frameworks, and startups working on data products. Basically - if it is related to data - this is THE meetup.

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How Skai leverages Snowflake to move faster

Online event

Skai's challenges in developing and operating a data platform at scale.

Skai's data platform ingests on a daily basis data from over 200,000 tables distributed over 650 servers, microservices and SaaS applications. Managing more than 2PB of data.

We will talk about the bottlenecks of managing this kind of a data platform on Hadoop and the reasons why we looked for a better technology.

We will deep dive into how to manage a migration project of this magnitude in a live and continuously growing platform without lowering SLA.

We will wrap up with what we have gained so far and how Snowflake helps us move faster.

Lecturer: Pablo Roth - Senior Data Engineer at Skai
Pablo has vast experience in BI / Big Data world with more than 11 years of experience in data management, data pipeline, data models and data visualization. He has a deep understanding of business processes in various industries especially ad-tech. Pablo joined Skai a few years ago as a Senior Data Engineer in the BI team.

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Data Engineering Challenges Demystified

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