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Models of Regulating Artificial Intelligence Systems and Robots
Dear Members: For our July Meetup, we will be hearing from Preston Thomas. This Meetup is offered as a member benefit to Section members, although does not include CLE credits. Our topic: Artificial intelligence and robotics aren't just coming soon; they are here already. Across myriad sectors from transportation to health to finances, the legal system is not prepared for the legal and policy challenges AI systems and robots are creating. What are the best ways to regulate AI and robotics? With a brief overview to separate existing implementations from science fiction hyperbole, we will look at different models of regulation in other fields and apply them to AI systems and robots. We will inventory the toolbox of regulatory approaches that may be useful for promoting these powerful technologies while protecting the public. Our speaker: Preston Thomas is a Menlo Park attorney specializing in technology regulatory law. He received his BA in Psychology from UC Davis and his JD from Catholic University. He is admitted to practice in California and the District of Columbia. Here is a link to the Zoom videoconference link to participate. Once you click on the link, it will give you the option of viewing and listening to the program using your computer or dialing in to a phone number that the system will provide. Slides: Zoom allows you to see the slides during the program, but we will also distribute a pdf of the slides by download afterwards. We hope you can attend this talk, and thank you for your interest. Steve Wu • Important to know: Please leave a comment in the comment section if you plan on attending live so we can plan refreshments.

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