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Sunset Hills Vineyard Summer Solstice Bike Ride & Picnic
PLEASE READ ENTIRE DESCRIPTION! Join us for a bike ride through the bucolic country side of Loudoun County's wine country followed by a relaxing afternoon of wine tasting and picnic at Sunset Hills Vineyard. Sunset Hills will be hosting a Summer Solstice event this day which is open to the public (no tickets required). There will be live music, and a fantastic food vendor, Denson's Market at the vineyard that day. The Rides - Note: Route details are subject to change. - Please use the links provided to download and print your own copy of the cue sheets and/or load the route map into your GPS device. Ride A Length: 42 mi Total Climb Elevation: 2977 ft Max Grade: 11.7% Terrain: Rolling hills to hilly, a couple of long and/or steep climbs Surface: Paved roads and or multi-use trail Pace: 14 mph avg. Recommended Bicycle Type(s): Road or cyclocross Route Map: Comments: Many of the roads on this route will be part of the upcoming Reston Century in August and therefore is a good choice for anyone planning to do that or other century rides. The average pace for this ride is due to the steepness of some of the climbs. On flatter ground this would be an 18+ mph pace! Ride B Length: 35 mi Total Climb Elevation: 2354 ft Max Grade: 6.4% Terrain: Rolling hills to hilly Surface: Paved roads and multi-use trail Pace: 12 - 16 mph avg. Recommended Bicycle Type(s): Road, cyclocross. Route Map: Comments: Compared to Ride A above, this is a shorter and less hilly route than and the hills you do encounter are much less steep. Those in excellent cycling condition have done this route with hybrid and even fixed gear bikes! This is also a good choice for those working up to doing a century ride. Ride C Length: 27 mi Total Climb Elevation: 1347 ft Max Grade: 6.7 % Terrain: Mostly flat with gently slopped climbs Surface: Paved roads and multi-use trail Route Map: Pace: Doesn't really matter Recommended Bicycle Type(s): Any Comments: This is about as flat of a ride as your going to find in Loudoun County. Since it is mostly along the W&OD Trail it's pretty hard to get lost and therefore no cue sheets needed. This is a great choice for those who are just getting started in cycling or just plain don't like doing hills. Post Ride - Summer Solstice Wine Tasting and Picnic Upon our return to Sunset Hills, putting away our bikes, and cleaning ourselves up (there are plenty of bathrooms), we will spend the afternoon sipping wine and picnicking. If the weather is nice, we will sit at the picnic tables in a shaded space next to the corn crib. If the weather isn't favorable we will move to the Stone Library in the barn. Wine: Sunset Hills is offering our group a 20% discount on sales of bottles of wine and items from their kitchen. Wine tastings are also available on an individual basis. Food: Denson's Market The tentative menu will include a raw oyster bar, grilled oysters with garlic, butter, herbs, pepper and imported parmesan, fried oysters and award-winning crab cakes. They'll have drinks and sides as well. What to bring: • Your bike & bike gear (cyclometer, pump, emergency kit, etc) • Helmet (mandatory for all rides with this group!) • Cell phone (you should never ride without one) • Appropriate cycling attire • Change of clothes (for those who don't like sitting around in their wet smelly cycling attire) • Cash and/or credit card (for emergencies and whatever beverage and/or food purchases you wish to make) • Photo ID • Camera (you'll want to take lots of pictures for this event!) What NOT to Bring: No alcoholic beverages other than Sunset Hills wines are permitted on the property. This is an ABC law, and a matter of retaining our liquor license. Please respect this policy; those who don't will be asked to leave. Contacts John ( As always, should you have any questions please contact us via the MeetUp email system. We will email our cell phone #s to everyone a day or so before the event.

Sunset Hills Vineyards

38295 Freemont Overlook Lane · Purcellville, VA


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