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What we’re about

Welcome to Bike Me DC!

If you live in the Washington D.C. metro area, love cycling, enjoy meeting people, making new friends, and want to have lots of fun, this group is for you! Our members include cyclists of all skill levels and interests, from the beginner just starting out to those in training for races or 100+ mile century rides. Some members are mostly interested in road cycling, others prefer trails, while others enjoy mountain biking most. Whatever your cycling interest, Bike Me DC! offers a wide variety of events for your cycling pleasure.

Bike Me DC! riding events are defined by a number of parameters, which include type, distance, pace, terrain, course.

Type: Indicates the degree of organizational support for the ride (e.g. impromptu, organizer led, or an event organized by a 3rd party such as a century ride) and what type of bicycle is most appropriate; e.g. road bike, hydride, mountain bike, etc.

Distance: One of the most obvious parameters is how far we’ll ride. Distance is measured in miles (unless specified otherwise) and rides will vary from 15 to 100+ miles. Mid-week rides, due to time constraints will typically be between 15 – 35 miles. Weekend rides may be anywhere between 15 – 100 miles.

Pace: Describes how fast we’ll ride and is measured in miles per hour. Leisure rides will be in the 12-14 mph range. Moderate paced rides are 15 – 18 mph, while a fast paced ride will be 18+ mph. Some riding events will be targeted at a specific pace, while other rides will accommodate all paces.

Terrain: Indicates the type of surface the ride will be on; e.g. road, dirt, paved trail, unpaved trail, flat, hilly, mountain, etc.

Course: Describes the path or route of the ride. Some rides will need and include maps & cue sheets. Other rides (e.g. a ride along the W&OD Trail) will not and will be guide by the ride leader. Anyone is encouraged to participate in our rides regardless of skill level or bike.

All rides are No Drop which means you will not be left behind. All rides include one or more rest stops allowing everybody a chance to catch up, stretch and catch their breath. Remember, no matter what other goals you might have for a particular ride, having a fun and safe ride is our most important goal. So come on out, meet some new friends and enjoy the ride!

A few other things to keep in mind…

Risk of Injury: Like any athletic activity, cycling entails an inherent risk of injury and you acknowledge and accept that risk, and agree that Bike Me! and its group leaders are not responsible for rider safety and/or injury (a signed waiver must be completed before your first ride with the group).

Photos: For security purposes, all members are required to have a good quality profile photo that is,

a) current or very recent,
b) a close up facial shot, and
c) includes ONLY yourself.

Additionally, photos will be taken of events and posted to the groups web site.

No Show Policy Please click this link to read the groups policy on no shows.

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